March Season Flowers - Indian Blooms

March Season Flowers Blooming in Garden

India is the country of different seasons. Each season brings a set of different flowers with it.  Comes March and the festival of colours knocks at your doorsteps and also brings the flowers that are as colourful! Commemorating the moods of festivities, the March flowers are available in a rainbow of hues and give your home décor as well as garden space. The month of March is the onset of spring. Winter ends and the most amazing time of blooming begins with it!

If you want to know about other seasons of flowers, read here. For March Flowers in India, read on to know about them!

march season flowers

Lilies Flowers in March Season

Thanks to the modern cultivation techniques, lilies are now easy to grow and maintain!  This herbaceous flowering plant is fragrant and can be grown in late-spring or early summers. The flowers come in a wide array of colours such as orange, red, pink, yellow, white and purple.

Daffodils in March

Daffodil grows as a perennial plant in March season and is easy to grow. This low-on-maintenance plant shoots out from the bulbs sown in the fall. Most resembled and recognised with Wordsworth’s poem, the flowers are yellow in colour and the perfect cue to the arrival of spring. They are also the birth flower of people born in the month of March. The trumpet-shaped corona lends them a distinctive appearance and sometimes, are available in white colour too.


It is believed that carnations sprang from the tears of Mother Mary’s tears when she saw Jesus carrying the cross. This is why a floral arrangement of carnations or clove pinks is considered to be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or especially when you want to send the message of unconditional and selfless love to your loved ones. In Greek mythology, the flower is also known as ‘The Flower of God.’ The flowers are available in a range of colours such as white, pink, purple or grey-blue and are a wonderful choice for your summer garden as well as to lighten up the home décor!


Roses in the season of March, are among the most favourite flowers. From Shakespeare to the modern-day lovers and even in corporate boardroom meetings, roses rule the roost. The subtle fragrance, charming appearance and general perception, everything rules in their favour when it comes to gifting them or having them brightening up a dull corner of your house! The perfect time to get roses in your home is, of course, March!

roses in march season


Like the crocus, the blooming phase of snowdrops begins in August. However, they should be planted in March so that by the time the fall season begins, you can see them growing.