May Season Flowers - Indian Blooms for Your Garden

May Season Flowers

may season flowers - Indian Blooms

May is the time when it starts heating up in India. The southern parts, however, stay cooler at this time of the year, but for the northern India, the temperature is already over 40 degrees Celsius.  By last week, humidity starts building up and monsoon arrives with dust storm and thunderstorms. The summer flower month is a motley of the unpredictable phenomena in terms of weather. Hot, sunny, dry and humid as well! However, none of this stops these beautiful flowers to come knocking at our doorsteps! Read on to know about some of these gorgeous and breathtaking May season flowers! Want to know about flowers for other months, read about them here.

Anemone flower in MayAnemone flower in May

Anemone is also called the windflowers because they open their petals in the direction of the wind, which also blow away the dead petals. Wind also help them to pollinate. The stems are long and each stem often bears several flowers of different colours such as white, blue, violet, red or sometimes yellow. The flowers have a distinctive cup-shaped appearance. The plant grows as a perennial herb and has medicinal value. It is used as an analgesic and relieves menstrual cramps. This may season flowers is another good option for your summer garden

CallaLily Flower In Maycallalily flower in May season

Available in a wide range of colours, the calla lily isn’t considered to be a true lily. The plant grows from a bulb or rhizome and is relatively easy to take care of. The flowers come in a rainbow of colours such as yellow, white flowers, orange, pink, green flowers and purple flowers. In the language of flowers, they signify wealth, opulence and beauty. These can be grown as a container plant or as borders.


delphinium flowers

Delphinium flowers are best known as showy spikes in a multitude of shades such as pink, white, purple and blue. The plant grows as a perennial and is easy to grow except when weather gods decide to act strange sometimes. Moist and cool places in summer work in their favour, but they don’t fare well when faced with sudden changes in weather such as downpour or rain. Most of the varieties need staking as well.

Stargazer Lily

stargazer lily flower in May in India

This oriental lily is basically a hybrid and known for its sweet-scent. The plant blooms from mid-summer to late summer in India and is easy to grow. It prefers full sun to bloom, making the month of May ideal for it. While the fragrance and appearance of star-shaped stargazer lily are much sought-after, some people may find it repulsing and nauseating too.