Meaning of Blue Flowers

A blue flower stands for desire, love, and inspiration. It is a flower that represents the metaphysical striving for the impossible and infinite. Color blue in the flower that is for ambitious people who would like to reach for the unreachable and wouldn’t leave any stone unturned to accomplish their goals. Blue booms speak inspiration and hope and thus, making it the perfect flower for them. Blue flowers also feature on Heinrich von Ofterdingen, an unfinished publication of Novalis, where a blue flower absorbs the attention of the protagonist.

Meaning of Blue Flowers

While a red flower speaks romance and white blooms represent purity as well as innocence, blue blooms signify trust and the commitment that goes on.  Sending blue flowers means that you are expecting to keep the romance burning and alive for years.  Since blue flowers also represent trust, these are the perfect types of blue flowers for someone who is going through the difficult times and could use something to look forward too. Gifting blue flowers to sick or grieving friends can be a wonderful token to convey your best wishes and show your support for them throughout no matter what.  Blue flowers are also known for having a calming effect on people. So, if you are distressed and could use some calm, having a fresh flower bouquet of blue flowers or a centrepiece would really help. Blue also represents confidence, spirituality, and intellect. Besides, blue flowers are very rare. You don’t generally get them on online flower shop or offline vendors. This is why sending blue flowers to your loved ones could be really a lovely idea if you want to convey that they are one-of-their-kind and you don’t feel the same for anyone but them.Blue Flowers Meaning

However, it also depends on the state of the mind of the recipient that how they see blue flowers. Much closer to blue, indigo flowers conjure up and represent intuition and balance. If it is a matter of heart and mind, indigo flowers could be the perfect way to say that you want your loved one to pay heed to his intuition. A person, who could seek some work-life balance, can be gifted indigo flowers. Scientifically as well, blue has a calming effect on people and it helps them to sleep better.  As we see that blue is the color of the sky and sea, and both of them have a serene as well as the healing effect on us.  Blue is sometimes also associated with sadness and also called a color of mourning. However, blue flowers are a bonus because not only bring the benefit of color blue but also the flowers, which help us to express most complex of feelings and emotions. Since blue color is also attached with suppressed appetite and slower metabolism, hence, these are the perfect gift for family members, friends, and relatives, who are trying to lose weight or weight watchers.

Blue flowers are gender-neutral and aren’t age-specific. You can gift them to anyone you love. You can send blue flowers to your sweetheart on a Valentine’s Day or celebrate the special moments with your grandparents.

The blue color is one of the colors, which can easily be seen in the dark. It gives the impression of depth and makes living spaces spacious. Despite the color being gender-neutral, men and women see the color differently. Men tend to different colors as only light or dark shades of blue whereas, for women, it boils down much deeper segregation such as indigo blue, purple blue and more. Making it simpler, the darker blue color flowers stand for confidence and strength whereas lighter shades of blue considered being feminine and delicate.

Blue Flowers

Blue RoseBlue Rose

A blue rose is one of the rarest flowers and has been portrayed in fantasy tales to represent immortality. The blue roses in real life, are however aren’t blue but are lilac in color, take the variety, ‘Blue Moon’ for instance. The blue roses are the result of hybridization methods or genetic modifications due to the blue pigment delphinidin. The latter was created by Florigen, an Australian company, and Suntory, a Japan-based firm. A white rose was genetically modified to create a blue rose with the pigment. Both companies maintained the color of the rose was blue, however; the color was closer to a dull mauve or lavender. Blue roses represent royalty, the blue blood. Since they aren’t found in nature, blue roses represent the mystery and intrigue, facts that ring much closer to royalty.  Blue roses are a rarity and this is why in some folklore we found that anyone, who would want to fulfill his wishes granted, should attain a blue rose from a treasure trove or dangerous covens.

A mention of blue rose also occurs in Tennessee Williams’ play as well.

Blue Hydrangea:Blue Hydrangea Flowers

It is the fourth-anniversary flower and gives away the heartfelt emotions to the recipients.  It stands for prosperity, grace, and beauty. While it also expresses deeper understanding between two people, it is also used to express disinterest in a romantic or wedding proposal.  Japanese send this flower to seek forgiveness and to express honest intentions. However, Victorians weren’t fond of the flower and considered it to bring ill vibes. While medieval folks believe that women who picked hydrangeas wouldn’t find suitors, the modern day florists use the flowers in wedding bouquets and wedding floral décor.

Delphiniumblue Delphinium flower

Delphinium is the kind of blue flower that takes simplicity to another level. It is the perfect gift for corporate meetings and tie-ups as the bloom signifies new opportunities and expansion. It is considered to be a flower that can be used to celebrate anything positive. It is also known as bird’s claw due to its unique shape. The name of the plant is derived from Greek word for dolphin because if you happen to just pluck a single bloom from the spike, it looks like a leaping dolphin.

ClematisBlue Clematis flowers

Clematis is a climbing plant and represents loyalty, courage, and intellect.

Hyacinthblue Hyacinth flowers

Hyacinth is a bulb-shaped flower and represents joy and rebirth. The bloom emphasizes trust and sincerity in a relationship.

BellflowerBlue Bell flower

Bellflowers, as the name suggests are bell-shaped flowers and long-stemmed, making them an ideal choice for floral arrangements and as cut flowers. The flower is associated with fairy world and symbolizes humility and reverence.

Asterblue aster flowers

Aster takes after the Greek word and implies star-shaped structure. According to the Greek mythology, the flowers are the tears of goddess Astraea who demanded to be turned into a star to protest against god Jupiter’s decision and then cried over the loss of earth. Both English and German folks believed that aster holds magical powers. The flower symbolizes patience, elegance, and peace. The flowers signify afterthought, wishing that things could go differently.

Blue Carnationsblue carnations flowers

Like blue roses, blue carnations don’t occur naturally. Earlier people used to dye white carnations in food colors to turn them blue but the first genetically modified blue carnation was created in the year 1997 by Australian scientists. However, it was violet blue in the color and not exactly blue.

Blue Orchidsblue orchid flower

Orchids are very rare and the color blue, make it even one-of-their-own-kind. The symbolism of blue orchids goes back to the Aztecs and Greeks who believed the flowers to be a symbol of strength and virility. The plant was also believed to have healing properties and Chinese used it to treat lung infections, cold, and flu. The flowers emphasize on beauty, perfection, fertility, opulence, and luxury.

Morning Gloryblue morning glory flowers

The flower blossoms with the sunlight and dies as the sun sets. The flowers have duality. They go both ways, to celebrate love and love in vain. Love that is bound to withstand the eternity and love, which is unrequited or restricted, this saucer-shaped flower commemorate every occasion, for it doesn’t anything but love.

Blue HibiscusBlue Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus represents fertility and glory. Blue hibiscus is a very beautiful flowers but its beauty isn’t just skin deep as it goes beyond. The flower celebrates depth and serenity.

PeriwinkleBlue Periwinkle flowers

Periwinkle is actually lavender blue or pastel blue color. It is small flower mainly used for bedding or fencing. The blooms are attractive however since they are very small, they tend to hide in foliage. Periwinkle flowers represent promise and hope in a relationship. You can send it to celebrate friendship at an early stage that has the potential to blossom and become strong. The flowers are also associated with Virgin Mary and imply existence, everlastingness, and extension of life as well as love till eternity. You can send periwinkle flowers to your loved ones or friends if you want them to encourage them for reaching out to their goals or if you think they could use some support during their struggle for the same.  The flowers are also a good way to celebrate nostalgia.

Forget-Me-NotsBlue Forget-Me-Nots flower

The name Forget-Me-Nots comes from the Greek language, which means mouse’s ears, referring to the shape of petals of the flower. German literature is full of reference to the flower and the myths involving the blooms.  One of the most common myths is about two lovers strolling along the Danube River and in an attempt to retrieve the flowers, was flown away by the current. However, as the lovers part way, he told his sweetheart to not forget him.  Given his association with the remembrance, it is also the symbol of the Alzheimer’s Society to raise awareness of the degenerative disease.

Love in MistBlue Love in Mist flower

This gorgeous annual flower is delicate and also called devil in the bush or ragged lady. However, how dainty it appears, it is a hardy flower yet easy to grow. It is believed that the flowers are the reincarnation of the holy Roman emperor, Fredrick I Barbarossa who was seduced by an evil spirit and drowned.  A few days later, the nigella flower appeared on the spot where the Emperor was drowned. According to the folklores, the flower is a Venus herb and hence, associating with strong feminine power. Scientifically, it is the uniquely shaped leaves and frothy look that lend it the mysterious name.

The flowers signify the binding, in good and bad. It could be the bitterness that binds two people together or good virtues that you have in common. It is also gifted to express a fascination for opposite sex.