Meaning and Types of Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers Meaning

The color purple has always been associated with opulence, uniqueness, and beauty. In the medieval period, purple was considered to be a rare color and a prized possession. It was made by mixing red and blue colors, a process which usually commoners couldn’t afford. Hence, it was only limited to the riches and royals. However, today, the time has changed for good, having a purple theme wedding or sending purple flowers online doesn't cost you a fortune. Though having relevant information is still as crucial and we predict that it is going to be the same even in the years to come. However, please note that there aren’t many ‘true’ purple flowers in nature. There are deep blue colors and the ones that look purple in certain lighting unless of course, we are talking about the likes of lavender and violets. Despite the rarity, purple flowers are very popular. City Flowers brings you the much-needed feature on types and meaning of purple flowers so that you can make an informed decision if you want to send the perfect floral arrangement or looking forward to having wedding floral décor with purple flowers as the integral aspect. Here you go!Purple Flowers

Types of Purple Flowers

Purple carnation

Purple Carnation Flowers

Carnations come in multiple colors and purple carnation stands for whimsical decision as well as impulsiveness. Sending purple carnation can pose a double whammy and can present a catch 22 for the sender. Hence, proceed with it carefully. If you want to compliment your loved one for his / her spontaneity but also want them to proceed with caution to avoid harm or damage, it is the perfect gift. However, on other special moments, stick to a bouquet of mixed carnations to say it all in the right context.

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Purple Lotus FlowerPurple Lotus Flower

You see red and white lotus flower but purple lotus is a rarity. In the East, the flower has been a potent religious symbol in Eastern cultures for centuries. While other colors represent the Buddha himself or important tenets of that faith, the purple lotus flower represents mysticism and spiritual journeys. You can gift it to somebody who is on the verge of experiencing a creative epiphany or suffering from a creative block. This flower is believed to bring enlightenment and urges the recipient to unleash the creativity for greater good.

Purple DaisiesPurple Daisies Flower

Daisies come in a rainbow of colors. Mixed daisies make a wonderful gift for someone, who could use cheerful vibes on a particularly gloomy day. Purple daisies represent thoughtfulness. If you send a bunch of purple daisies to a friend, it shows that you remember them in your prayers and you would like them to cheer up!

Purple LilyPurple Lily Flowers

Lily happens to be featured as fleur-de-lis. It has always been the symbol of regal opulence and the color purple only makes the flower more unique and rare. Since there are only a few ‘true’ purple flowers in nature, people used to dye white lilies to get the purple color. In ancient times, only royal families were allowed to have purple lilies at their disposal due to their rarity and expensive dying technique. Purple lilies stand for dignity, opulence, and pride.

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Purple RosePurple Rose Flower

The purple roses are actually lavender in color and if you get any chance to see a purple rose, in all probability, it is a dyed flower or a lighting effect. Purple roses are said to be the perfect gift for a couple celebrating their 25th-anniversary. It conveys togetherness, calmness and materialistic success.

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DelphiniumPurple Delphinium flower

Delphinium is a beautiful magnificent flower and its purple color represents positive changes and modifications. However, please note that purple delphiniums are poisonous. They have been used as an herbal treatment in moderate quantities and for exhibition purposes.

Purple FreesiaPurple Freesia flower

Legends have it that if you watch purple freesia flowers for too long, you can see it breathing magic into the surrounding and we couldn’t agree more! The delicate flower is capable to lift your dull mood and brighten up even the dullest corner of your home. The yellow center of the flowers forms purple tone freesia flowers that stand for innocence and friendship in the world of flowers.

Purple GladiolaPurple Gladiola flower

These flowers are native to Africa but now they have adapted to several climate zones and you can see them growing freely all over the world including Asia and Europe. The purple gladiola flowers put forth your feelings of love in front of your friends. If you want your friendship to the next level or want to confess your love to a friend, trust these flowers to say it all. Besides, this flower is considered to motivate and inspire people to pursue their ambition and lifelong dream.

LavenderPurple Lavender Flower

Lavender candles and oil calm you. In ancient times, lavender represented calmness and peace. The natural light purple flowers inspire calmness and serenity within you. A bunch of lavender is the perfect gift for someone you love if he or she is struggling with mental chaos and could use some peace within. It also makes a wonderful gift for people who meditate and are seeking to embark on a spiritual journey. You can also use dry petal of lavender flowers to make potpourri, scented candles, and tea. This will help you calm down and fall asleep easily.

Purple HibiscusPurple Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus flowers are usually known for their refreshing effect they bring to your tea. Other than that, people admire purple hibiscus for their dainty beauty and mystic aura. The flowers are also known as the Rose of Sharon as the flower expresses love and life, the most important aspects of human existence. You can also gift purple hibiscus flowers to your mentor or student to inspire them to teach you more.

CrocusPurple Crocus flower

In the world of flowers, purple crocus flowers represent spring and rebirth. It is the equivalent of rising of the Phoenix. You can send crocus flowers to your loved ones who are persistent in the pursuit of their goals and nothing can deter them. The flowers stand for unwavering determination. It is a summer flower that can give your backyard garden a burst of color after a long spell of winter.

VioletsPurple Violets flowers

These flowers can often be seen on the side trail of the roads. Usually, the color of flowers can range from white to yellow but you can often spot some deep purple color flower playing peek-a-boo among them. Violets grow on the roadside without dedicated care and nurturing. Still, they find a way to survive and flourish and no wonder, they represent maintaining the dignity in the toughest of conditioning and staying strong. These flowers ask us to don’t give up in the adverse times. In the world of flowers, they stand for standing tall amidst the challenges and staying brave.

Purple HyacinthPurple Hyacinth flowers

The plant and flowers are poisonous. Despite this the flower is a visual treat and if you observe closely, you can find that each flower is different from the other in some way. The flowers are star-shaped and can range from light purple to dark purple in color. You can also find flowers that have lines of the darker shades running along on the folds of petals. The universe of flowers considers it a flower of sorrow and apologies. If you have goofed up and feeling sorry for your actions or words, send purple hyacinth flowers to convey your heartfelt apologies.

Purple calla liliesPurple calla lily

Calla lilies are royal and opulent flowers and with their purple color, they take the expression of elegance, nobility, and opulence to another dimension. They are perfect for container gardening and as a gift.

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