Mumbai Butterfly Parks: Flying High in the City of Skyscrapers

Mumbai Butterfly Parks

You won't believe if we tell you that Mumbai- a city that otherwise is all concrete and doesn't sleep, has not just one but 5 butterfly parks! The financial capital of India has reserved 5-spots of lush nature and fluttering winged creatures to go back and live a little! Amidst the chaos of local trains, people always running and not stopping to take a break, these butterfly parks in Mumbai show the green side of the city and how! If you are visiting Mumbai anytime soon or live in Mumbai and don't know about these beautiful gardens, read on!Butterfly Garden Dubai


Mumbai Zoo: At Byculla, this zoo is also known as Jijamata Udyan. While it is a great place to look at striped tigers, deer and peacocks. it is a wonderful way to explore the winged creatures fluttering and wandering around. The zoo is home to two butterfly parks and is recently revamped to welcome more butterflies to their natural habitat.


The Jijimata Udhyan / Mumbai Zoo is located at:

  • 91 A, Lalbaug Flyover,
  • Near Railway Station,
  • Byculla East,
  • Mazegaon,
  • Mumbai-400027

Mumbai - butterflies

BNHS CEC: Bombay Natural History Society or BNHS is a part of Mumbai Conservation Education Centre or CEC. It is an active NGO that works to create and promote awareness towards nature and environment. Spread over in more than 33 acres, this butterfly park is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is in Goregaon and is very famous among nature lovers for birds watching and butterfly spotting. There is a reasonable fee per head to enrol yourself for their planned group activity.


Where is BNHS CEC located at?

  • The BNHS CEC is located at the intersection of Borivali National Park and Goregaon Aarey Jungle, Mumbai-65.


Mahim Natural Park: The Mahim Natural Park is also called MNP. People have reported spotting more than 40 species of butterflies. If it is a favourable floral season, it attracts even more. This place is the perfect venue for family get-togethers, hiking and spend some quality time, away from the noise and rush of the city.


Where is Mahim Natural Park located at?

  • The address of MNP is:
  • Mahim Nature Park,
  • Dharavi,
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra 400017


Ovalekar Butterfly Garden: Ovalekar Butterfly Garden is the result of a discerning citizen of Mumbai. Also known as Ovalekar Wadi, this butterfly park in Mumbai is the fruit of the hard work, efforts and perseverance of Rajendra Ovalekar and his family. He undertook a couple of nature trips with Bombay Natural Society and started planting nectar plants and trees that would attract butterflies in the garden. The entrance fee is Rs. 60 per head and seeing the quality time you are going to spend here, it is totally worth it.


Where is Ovalekar Garden located at?

  • The address is
  • Ovalekar Wadi,
  • Owala Village,
  • Takkarda Road,
  • Ghodbunder Road,
  • Thane, Maharashtra 400607

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Borivali National Park: Famously known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park or SGNP, this place happens to be the largest green belt in Mumbai. Spread over 100 square kilometres, it is an ideal breeding ground for butterflies. It is a beautiful green ecosystem that takes you away from the city life and makes you jealous of these beautiful little creatures.


Where is Borivali National Park located at?

  • The address of Borivali National Park or Sanjay Gandhi National Park is:
  • Borivali East,
  • National Highway 8,
  • Mumbai,
  • Maharashtra 400066


Somaiya School Campus: Some schools just keep extracurricular activities to the talks and some walk the talk. Somaiya School is the first school that hosts a full-fledged and dedicated butterfly garden in its school campus. This butterfly park was launched in the year 2015 and was initiated by Somaiya Centre of Experimental Learning. You can spot about 25 species of butterflies here. The park is open for students and teachers to help them create a bond with nature and give some quality time away from books and routine studies.


Where is Somaiya Butterfly Park located at?


The Somaiya Campus Butterfly Park is located at:

  • J. Somaiya Rd,
  • Vidyanagar,
  • Vidya Vihar East,
  • Vidyavihar,
  • Mumbai- 400077

butterfly - garden - Mumbai


Types of Species you can find in these Butterfly Parks are

  1. Butterfly lovers and nature lovers have reported seeing over 150 species of butterflies. Some of them are:
  2. Blue Mormon
  3. Tawny Raja
  4. Striped Tiger
  5. Orchid Tit
  6. Tawny Coster
  7. Common Jezebel
  8. Dark Blue Tiger and many more.


What is the best time to visit these butterfly gardens in Mumbai?

The best months to see these beautiful winged creatures in action is between August and November. It is always recommended to be there early so that you can catch them as they come out to get some sun. Their activity drops as the sun progresses.