November Season Flowers - 8 Indian Blooms

Some gorgeous list of Indian blooms in the November season has been listed below:

November Season Flowers

Summer isn’t the only time when you can see beautiful flowers all around you! Flowers do have a tough time to adjust to the harshness of winter that comes knocking at the doorstep in November Season but nature has its way to colour the drabness with the loveliest of blooms!

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Rose is the flower of love and desire! You can find the flowers gracing the gardens in the months of October and November season. Rose is quite a versatile flower for decorative purpose too! You can use it in a cut flower arrangement, fresh flower bouquet or as a centerpiece.


The colorful and delightful dahlias are wonderful for patio container gardening and landscaping. The flowering phase begins in mid-summer and continues till autumn in India.

Chrysanthemums in November

Chrysanthemums look like pompom and mainly used for the ornamental purposes. The flowers also feature on the list of NASA and reduce air pollution. Know more about plants that reduce indoor air pollution. The mums are also used in Chinese cuisine to prepare broth and soup.

Abutilons or fuchsia in November

Under full sun, partial shade and warm temperature, fuchsia can bloom all year round. The plant is often referred to as maple tree in India due to its palmate leaves that resemble like maple leaves. The surface of the flower feels like crepe paper.

Sweet peas

The claim to fame for sweet pea has always been the genetic research done by Gregor Mendel. However, the long-stemmed and strong-scented flowers make for amazing floral arrangements and cut flowers. The sweet peas are often labeled as ‘difficult to grow’ but if you could follow some instructions, they will be handy!

Salvia in November Season

Blue salvia flowers can simply be the showstopper of your garden. The flowers grow all summer till fall. The plant is also a hardy and drought-resistant. It is the perfect choice for container gardening and landscaping!


This evergreen perennial plant is a late spring bloomer. The plant is a hardy and can withstand almost everything except intense shade. These white showy flowers grow quite heavily. They are also called snowflake for their diminutive yet beautiful appearance, however, it is the subtle stink coming out of the flowers, which prevents many gardeners to plant them.


The ornamental and bright-colored flower is available in red, yellow and white colour. Netherland is the largest producer of tulip plants on a commercial basis. It produces over three billion bulbs yearly for export. This November season flower represents different emotions on the basis of its colour. Yellow tulips stand for spurned emotions, whereas red tulips represent passion and desire. Pink tulips celebrate platonic affection between friends or family members. Purple tulips signify opulence and good luck.