Flowers of the Month: October Flowers in India

Flowers in October Month

October is also the month of cancer awareness.  In the Northern hemisphere, it is the month of autumn. In the Southern, it is still spring. In India, it is the month that brings ample reasons to celebrate and is the gateway to the festivals!It is Karwachauth, Diwali, then, Christmas and New Year’s Eve around the corner! The monsoon is over, the sky is clear and the weather is just perfect, not too cold and not too hot! At such perfect time of the year, expect only the freshest and most colorful flowers to grace us! City Flowers picks out the perfect and best flowers for October! Read on and don’t be overwhelmed by your choices in flowers at the florist and choose from the flower of the month! Read more on September flower too!

Calla Lilies

The flowers are also called trumpet lilies. The petals are white and have a wax-like coating on the surface.  The petals elegantly twist and curl in the end to form a trumpet-like shape.


This elegant flower in blue looks surrealistically beautiful, juxtaposed against the blue sky and its bright green foliage. The petals have coarse surface. The flower spikes grow elongated, without bending, as if trying to defy the gravity.


Alstroemeria is also called Peruvian lilies or parrot lilies. It is a hybrid flowering plant that has different growing seasons. In Chile, it blooms as a winter growing plant whereas, in Brazil, the blooming phase begins in summer. The flowers are very popular as cut flowers and used mainly in floral arrangements or fresh flower bouquets.


This perennial flowering plant brings a vibrant touch to your garden. The flowers have exquisite fragrance, which varies in accordance with different species. The red and pink freesia varieties are considered to be the most-scented species in the world of flowers.


The gerberas are tropical flowers and available in a rainbow of colors! October seems to be the perfect month for them to thrive and brighten our lives!


In Greek mythology, Iris is believed to be the name of the Goddess of the Rainbow. The flower is one of the favorite flowers of royal families especially French monarchy. It is also the Fleur-de-lys.


Magnolia stands for purity and innocence in the world of flowers. Named after French botanist Pierre Magnol, the flowers are available in an array of colors.

Orchid Cymbidium

This evergreen species is also called boat orchid owing to their distinct boat-shaped flowers. In Bhutan, the flower is used as a spice.

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The bright sunshine flower is capable to brighten up even the dullest of corners and most mediocre of the days!

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Classic and everybody’s favorite, roses don’t need an introduction!