Pune Hyatt Wedding Flowers Arrangements By CityFlowers Team

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In any wedding certain flowers are code marked to be used, which implies that not all flowers can be used in weddings as it is considered to be joyous and cheerful flowers event. The flowers which represent love, joy, cheerfulness and happiness are generally selected to be used in weddings.  Not only this if a particular flower is considered to be lucky then it is definitely used in weddings so as to bring good luck to the groom and the bride. Here is a list of different flowers which are used in weddings: wedding4

  • MARIGOLD: The marigold is the most popular flower when it comes to weddings in India as well as in most parts of the subcontinent. It is considered auspicious and are traditional favorites. Marigold is available in two colors, yellow and orange and both are a favorite among people to be used in weddings.
  • LILY: The lily is a favorite among people for usage in weddings due to its magnificent aroma and sheer beauty. A pink, orange or yellow lily can just take your breath away while a white or red one will leave you enchanted. Thus, using lilies in marriages make them appear beautiful and lovely.wedding-flowers2
  • WHITE JASMINE: The white jasmine is a favorite among the people of the west as well as Asia. Representing sensuousness, it is an apt flower for any wedding. It is beautiful and petite making a wedding with white jasmine as the widely used flower appear great and awesome.
  • ORCHIDS: Orchids are fast becoming the flower used in more and more weddings. Representing strength, beauty and luxury, orchids are found in a number of colors and convey a message of deep and astounding love.
  • TULIPS: Tulips are a flower which sends out the message of publicly proclaiming love and represents seriousness in a relationship. Many a theme designers are vastly using tulips to portray weddings as a picturesque image of bonding nd proclamation of two hearts.
  • ROSES: Probably the most widely used flower in weddings, roses are favorite among all people to be used in weddings. Its different colors representing different stages in a relationship are used to depict the various life stages or relationship stages which the couple has passed to reach the ultimate day.wedding5


Simply the use of flowers meant for weddings is not enough to make ones wedding great, the usage of various designs and styles is also needed to suit the varied needs of different people and match the theme. Here are some designs which are widely used across the globe:

  • The Sweet Peonies design

Under this design method, peonies are used extensively along with a number of other flowers which are considered sweet or represent sweetness, with the aim at fixing the theme of the wedding to sweetness.

  • The Pale Pink Floral Design

This design methodology aims at usage of pink and pale pink flowers to create a hue and illusionary image which in turn will make the wedding look beautiful.

  • Classic White

Probably the most famous design of them all, the classic white aims at creating a serene and calm image of the wedding with usage of white flowers along with white drapes and white accessories. This makes all the thing in accord with each other and the wedding appears to look rosy.

  • Mood Board

The mood board represents the use of different colors to create a varied mood of the wedding. The net result is an enchanting and beautiful wedding theme.wedding7

SO with so much knowledge about different types of wedding flowers and designs, you are all set to go ahead and design your own wedding with the best wedding flowers.

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