Revive your Living Space with Flowers! Living Room Flower Decoration

Don’t you get bored with living in the same space day after day? The same placement of furniture, the same paint and same ol’ display! Gosh, I desperately wanted to change the momentum of humdrum décor and yearned to give a new feel to my house. Only problem was that I couldn’t afford to spend a fortune on the makeover because I was on a savings spree. I couldn’t spend one more second in the home that was in the dire need of some décor change.  As I was going to give in to the urge of writing a check to the handyman, I decided to give it one more thought and have a look around with a calm mind, waiting for some groundbreaking thought to occur. And voila, I had an epiphany!living room flowers

I realized that my living space was missing one crucial element: FLOWERS. And with them, missing was the tinge of summer that I was so yearning for! The dash of color and bright I was looking for could only be brought upon by flowers at my home.

And with this started my journey of reviving my living space with the help of flowers and beautiful DIY floral arrangements. Have a look!

Clutter-Free Floral Zone:living room flowers

Summer means less and better. It is time to declare your home a clutter-free zone and while you are doing it, include a variety of blooms that look good together as well as are capable to grow together. The lovely Daffodils cannot see eye to eye with other flowers, majorly tulips because the sap produced by the daffodils in water contains chemicals that are harmful for other flowers.  But if your mixed floral bouquet has to have these gorgeous yellow blooms, you need to put daffodils in other container for a couple of days and rinse them off regularly.  You can also try adding activated charcoal or a few drops of bleach to the water.

Flowers, Here, There and Everywhere:living room flower decoration

There are two awesome things about decorating with flowers. One, they don’t cost a bomb. Second, you can never go overboard with them. Right now, I have golden pothos on the shelf above the refrigerator, lucky bamboo on the dining table, peace lily in the passage and mixed flowers in the living room. And you know what, I totally love it! And everybody else too! While flowers are bringing just the right flavor of summer in my home, thanks to these blooms and greenery, I have been able to breathe in fresh air as well. Sounds gibberish much? Well, all of these flowers are NASA’s top 10 air-purifier plants.  A terrarium and succulents can transform your home in a mini garden within minutes! So, I have them too and they look prettier than any amount of paint and change I would have done otherwise.

Put your DIY Cap On:yarn-wrapped-vases-diy-tutorial

DIYs are difficult. But you know, DIYs give you unlimited possibilities to create and experiment. You can use ribbons and silk nets to create handmade fresh flower bouquet. Mason jars and tin boxes make wonderful plant containers. You can also go for hanging planters. Broken colanders, milk bottles, leather shoes, tin cans, water cans and even jute sacks can be turned into planters and used for container gardening. Spinach, tomatoes, lemons and chilies can be grown in these containers easily.

Be Considerate:living room flower decoration

You kept a vase on the table, a tall floral centerpiece in the passage and a single stem bud on the dining table. Your work is done. Or not. Flowers are capable to give your home an instant makeover but if you want to extend the lifespan of your blooms and aquatic plants, you have to take care of them like babies. Change the water regularly. Use florist-recommended preservatives and keep them away from fruits. To prolong the life of water-based plants, you need to cut stems regularly with the help of a blunt knife.  Don’t use a pair of scissors as it can crush the vessels that transport water to the plant. Keep the water clean. Any foliage, dead and wilted leaf should go immediately.

With these tips, you can too change the look of your home without breaking the bank! Blooms and greenery is the worthy investment option that not only uplift your living space but also bring you a dash of nature, much-needed tranquil and calm in today’s chaos.