How do you say thank you? Say it with ‘Thank You’ Flowers!

Well, CityFlowers Online Flower Store has several unique ways to help you express your gratitude and say thank you! Yes, you can always use words and say it verbally but nothing beats the charm of something special such as flowers!  And not to forget the special effect and charm that flowers could lend to your feelings!say thank you with flowers

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Sweet Peas:

Sweet peas are the wonderful way to say that you are grateful to them. The credit of assigning the flowers to such special status goes to the Turks. And since then, a bouquet of sweet peas flowers is a well-accepted form of saying thank you in a colorful and vibrant manner!


Hydrangeas mean ‘thank you for understanding’, this alone makes them the perfect gift to someone special! Available in white, pink, blue and peach colors, these are the colorful and most vibrant way to extend your courtesy!  The dried arrangements of hydrangeas are much in vogue too.


There shouldn’t be any place of sorry and thank you in friendship but some efforts demand to be reciprocated in the same manner. Go for Chrysanthemum as their array of color can brighten up your friend’s day!


Iris means rainbow and is a way to tell that how grateful you are for the presence of your loved one’s in your life! And the best part is iris comes in so many colors and you can choose the favorite color of your loved one!

thanks you with flowersRoses

Peach, yellow and pink roses represent gratitude and gratefulness.  Pink roses also convey admiration and respect, hence making them the perfect flowers to gift to your colleagues, friends, grandparents and mentors.  If you aren’t sure about your choice in flowers, go for roses without giving it a second thought.

Campanula (Bellflower)

Shaped like bell, these long-stemmed flowers are available in pink, white, purple and blue color.  Go for them, if you want your ‘thank you’ to stand out and make a classy statement. These epitomize gratitude in a class-apart way!

Though, flowers don’t have to be gender-specific and reserved for special occasions, but these ‘thank you’ flowers can certainly help you extend your feelings to the recipient.  And by all means, don’t just stick to these flowers, if you know the recipient, you can gift him / her choice of flowers.  For the extra special effect and to make your gift more meaningful, you can add a personalized note, greeting card, cake or soft toys too from the collection too!