Why do we send Flowers and Chocolates on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the biggest day in the world for sending flowers, as well as cards and chocolates, but have you ever wondered where the tradition came from, and why we send flowers and other goodies? Well, it has a rather interesting history, and there are a couple of them. Read them all to find out more.

Valentine's Day History through Saints and Legends


One of the traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day came about through legends and tales that spoke about the death of early Christian saints, in Greek and Roman mythology.

At least three Christian martyrs were named Valentine, and apparently they were executed for a number of reasons, one of which was marrying a Roman soldier in secret. Amazingly Emperor Claudius II stopped soldiers from marrying their sweethearts and he believed that they should only love Rome and nothing else. Valentine's Day apparently came about from a Christian bishop who would marry people in secret, defying the Emperor’s law ceremonies in defiance of the Emperor's law.

Valentine was eventually imprisoned and he was executed on 14th February. Before his execution took place, he left a love letter for the daughter of the jailor and it was signed “From your Valentine.” This is why we still use this phrase today and celebrate it on 14th February. Some cities like Bangalore and Mumbai has huge craze for sending flowers on valentines day.

V40032RSThere’s a bit of history, but what about the flowers?

Way back in the 17th Century, flowers became part of the Valentine's Day traditions. Roses were especially used as they represent love in every ways. Apparently, roses were Venus’ favourite flower, the Goddess of Love, as she believed that they stood for strong feelings. From this, people then started giving those they cared aboutroses, to show their love for each other. Which is of course still lives on today.

But there’s more history behind this tradition, where a tradition of sending flowers was created for another reason. It comes from the old-fashioned custom of sending gifts, especially flowers, to pass on non-verbal messages. Thanks for Charles II of Sweden in the 18th Century; each and every single flower had a meaning to it. In this way people could have an entire conversation just through flowers. That’s amazing.
But Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers, it’s about the delicious treat of chocolates too. Spanish explorers brought chocolate back to the Old World from the New World in the 17th Century. Unsurprisingly people loved it, and its popularity increased all over Europe. This then became the candy of choice for Valentine’s Day.

We know that roses are generally the flower of choice, but people send other flowers too. Do you know what they mean, so that you can choose the right flowers to send the right message?

Valentine’s Day Flowers Suggestions and What they mean

Red Roses – Love and romance. Scottish poet Robert Burns didn’t compare his love to a red, red rose for nothing. They have been associated for ages with beauty and perfection; red roses are a timeless way to say “I love you.” So if you receive red roses, you know you are truly loved.

Pink Roses – Love, gratitude and appreciation.Pink roses are not only stunning, but can be used to communicate many messages when you’ve got something important to say to your loved one including love, gratitude and appreciation. They are also an extremely elegant flower. Pink roses will make you feel loved and appreciated, which is a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

White Roses – Marriage, spirituality, new starts. White roses are traditionally linked with marriage and new beginnings. If you’re hoping for that special proposal, then maybe white roses will say it all.

Lilies – Promise, passion, life and fidelity. What they mean says it all, so you can certainly put a smile on your face for a bouquet of lilies.

Carnations – Love, fascination and undying love. Carnations mean you are certainly loved, a lot and good things are sure to come your way.

Chrysanthemum – Optimism and joy. There is lots of hope for your relationship, and it’s sure to be a happy union.

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