First-date-flowersHave had an amazing date that left you with a gazillion butterflies fluttering in your stomach? Well, good job for your nailed it. Your date night went smoothly – nice work! What next? What is that is to be done the next day of the date? How are you supposed to ask her on a second date? Calling or just texting doesn’t sound all that appealing, no? How about you send her some amazing flowers? Sounds perfect, right?

Men have struggled with picking flowers after the first date since the beginning of time. They are definitely an obvious and often successful method of driving attention towards you. But don’t send off dozens of red roses right after the first day. Of course, you want her attention, but if you overdo it then it might scare her away. So, if you are planning to get some flowers delivered to your date, written below are some tips that you might find useful. Do read on!first-date-ideas-300

First of all, keep it in your mind that you have been to one date only. So don’t just go around buying pricy flowers for her. Instead purchase a reasonable bouquet for her. Costly flowers might drive her away as not everyone finds the idea of others spending money of them, appealing. Also, do not make the mistake of sending her a huge bunch of red roses. Red color is usually associated with deep feelings. Now sending them after the first date won’t be appropriate?  I would suggest you send a small bouquet of lively colored flowers. That would be enough to grab her attention.roses-1

For better effects, write a short note and send it along with the flowers. Now don’t get carried away and drench your note with lovey dovey words like soul mate and love of my life. Instead, keep the note short and simple. Just let her know through words that you had a great time and would like to see her again. Since flowers have already made your intention clear, this short note is just customary.

Thirdly, do NOT send the flowers at her workplace. You have not developed any lasting, serious commitment at this point. If you send the flowers at her professional setting, her colleagues were drown her in their questions that who are they from. This will put her in an awkward setting for sure. So avoid doing that unless you have been to about 7 8 dates with that person.