September Flowers of India - With GORGEOUS Pictures

September Flowers of India

In this series, City Flowers brings you a feature on the flowers that could grace your garden in the month of September.

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HyacinthsHyacinths flower in September in India

The showy and fragrant hyacinths are the flowers of September. The colorful flowers take the beauty of your spring garden to the next level. However, freshly-planted bulbs are poisonous, so, it is recommended that you be careful with your dogs, especially if they tend to dig things up. If ingested or chewed in a large amount, the bulbs can cause severe allergy and irritation in esophagus lining.

GerberaGerbera Flower In Spetember

These beautiful and cheerful flowers were named after German botanist and medical doctor Traugott Gerber. They have long vase life and this is why they are the favorite choice of florists as cut flowers and fresh flower bouquets.  Available in a range of colors such as deep red, light yellow, dark yellow, orange and pink, gerbera daisies double up as bedding and landscape plants.

DaffodilDaffodil Flower in September

Referred to as ‘fluttering and shining stars in the breeze’ in William Wordsworth’s poem, daffodils stand for friendship in the world of flowers. The flowers thrive in spring and look ethereal in every floral arrangement!

IrisIRIS flower in September

The tall beautiful flowers were named after the goddess of rainbows! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that iris flowers are available in a variety of colours! The iris also happens to be the symbol of Florence and fleur-de-lis. The flowers also find a place in our October list because some bearded hybrids are late bloomers.

Lilium StargazerLilium Flower in india

Also known as, Oriental Lily, the flower is known for its flamboyant deep pink strips and spots. The petals shoot upwards, lending the flowers quite a dramatic effect. The flowers are a toxic hazard for cats. The flowers represent wealth, good luck and prosperity. Mix the pink stargazers with white variety to express your gratitude and honor the innocence of a relationship or feelings.

Orchid PolyminOrchid Polymin flower India

Orchid polyminis the mini version of standard orchid cymbidium. Due to their smaller size and unique shape, these are mainly used as wrist corsages in weddings. The flowers are also famous for their distinctive fragrance.

Snapdragonsnapdragon flower in India

The flowers get this name due to their distinctive appearance. This cold-season annual flower’s mouth looks like the face of a dragon. The flowers aren’t generally used in floral arrangements but do exceptionally good as flowerbeds.

ZinniaZinia flower in India

Want a surprising burst of colour in your garden? Then, zinnia from the daisy family might do the trick for you! Available in a range of gorgeous colour palette, the flowers grow quite quickly and in large groups! Growing zinnia flowers is easy and inexpensive too!

These above are the best flowers for the month of September, in coming blogs at city flowers, there will be more about flowers for October and November in India.