Some gestures show your love better than to give flowers, but you will lose some points for style simply by standing in front of your girlfriend or spouse and pushing a bouquet to her. Everyone knows that to give a red rose to a loved one is not trivial. But the majority doesn’t know that the language and style of presenting your flowers is so subtle that it can express hundreds of different feelings. Without going to study it in all its complexity, know the basics of presentation to avoid unnecessary odd to a bouquet.

Instead, add a creative spark to your relationship by giving him/her flowers and romance unexpectedly. Whether together or apart, your method of presentation can also astound them.

Public displays of affectionpublic displays

Getting flowers delivered to your wife or girlfriend work sends a public message that it is someone important in your life. Visit a florist, choose a bouquet that you know your loved one will appreciate and arrange for flowers to be delivered to her during the day. She may blush before her colleagues, but you will also enjoy knowing how a relationship works. Romanticize the bouquet by attaching a card with a sexy message because the dual work perfectly together.

Create a Surprisesurprise her

Many women like to receive an unexpected gift at an unexpected time. It should not be Valentine's Day, your anniversary or her birthday to give her flowers. Instead, stop at a florist when you see one you like and pick some flowers that you know your dear will enjoy. It is not necessary to purchase an enormous bouquet; even a solitary rose or other flower she loves effectively cedes your love and compassion message. Surprise your loved one at home, or place the flowers in a vase and leave somewhere in the house she will not notice immediately.

Add words to Bouquetadd words to bouquet

Complete your gift of flowers including a series of love notes interspersed with flowers. Take a handful of postcards of the florist and write a selection of lyrics; the list of things you like about your wife or girlfriend, precious memories you have shared or your wishes for the future. Seal each card into the mini envelope and slide it into the bouquet. As she unfolds the flowers, your messages will tumble out around her, flooding her of your love.

Flowers, when you're gonesurprise flowers at door step

Although it is romantic to present your girlfriend or spouse with flowers, you can leave the romance sizzle giving her flowers when you are not around. If you go on a business trip and know she will miss you, arrange some flowers arrive at his door an hour after departure. When leaving for a weekend with the guys, put some roses on her pillow when she is not home and she will discover as she prepares for bed and you can miss the most.

Laundry and Lingerielingerie gift

I think a good bottle of detergent scented flower next to a set of gorgeous lingerie (check anything by the Fortnight) is a delightful gift. It is all about indulgence and simple pleasures every day. The laundress delicate detergent (with a fragrance named Lady) is the perfect product to keep your own silky underthings. With a feminine blend of lavender, amber and bergamot, it's the kind of thing you'll want to rub all over your body instead of pouring into the sink.

Say it with a virtual flower card

With virtual flowers, it is easy to send flowers to those you love. You can select   the most significant flowers, accompanied by the message they symbolize: gladiolus claiming an appointment, white roses, red and pink that allow graduated his declaration of love or friendship, white daisy and sunflower that will give you the opportunity to express your admiration for the beloved. The orchid will display your passion, pink and yellow will seek reconciliation after a quarrel or a fault. Finally, the white carnation will express your support and affection to a person affected by misfortune. So why deprive a poetic gesture and gracious?

Be systematic

To start, send to the loved one a bunch of violets which will tell it to their ears,It seems that someone is in love with you, but ... shhh ... it's a secret. Then, leave a few days before sending him/her a white lily or a bouquet of white roses, that portrays the meaning ,I respect admire you. Then it will be time to seek an appointment through a gladiolus. Once this first date got, you can give vent to your feelings inflamed through a bouquet of red roses ... then you will be spoiled for choice to accompany your love story of flowery statements: sunflower saying, I only see you dear. The white carnation to assure him/her of your fidelity, orchid devote to it a refined and mysterious love ... and know that in case of infidelity, pink yellow solicits or grant forgiveness, and thrush promises the return of happiness ...