The Butterfly Park in Gurgaon: The Myriad Shades of Nature

Butterfly Park in Gurgaon

Gurgaon Butterfly ParkThe Butterfly Park in Gurgaon was started in a bid to extend the green cover, which was even less than 1 per cent of the city. The NGO, Uthaan (we have covered the works of the NGOs in Gurgaon here) and the Forestry Department of Gurgaon came together to bring some green to this concrete city. It is named Thousand Shades Butterfly Park and aptly so.  Located in the premise of Tau Devi Lal Bio-Diversity Park, this butterfly park in Gurgaon has more than 27 species of butterfly being reported by the butterfly enthusiasts such as plain tiger, mottled emigrant, great eggfly, peacock pansy and lemon pansy. Over 150 species of ornamental plants, nectar plants and trees are planted in the area to attract the butterflies and moths.  Some of them are chakunda, lemon, morus alba, palm, bel, ber and akwan. An indoor conservatory is also constructed to help butterflies grow and flourished in a climate-controlled environment. Some months in summer can be unbearable for butterflies and they just simply vanish. With an indoor dome at the park, the chances of heat driving away the butterflies reduce considerably.

The park also hosts an information-cum-demo centre, cluster plots for plant species, greenhouse, record room, floral park, nursery area, glow worm conservation area, souvenir shop, herbal garden for organic farming, food court, larvae/pupae area and greenhouse for in-house propagation. The different plant species help promote a certain breed of a butterfly. For instance, the plain tiger butterfly lays its eggs only on Calotropis leaves.Gurgaon - butterflies

Spread over in a sprawling area of 19 acres, this park aims to provide a natural habitat to the butterflies and plants. Besides, being a venue to spot butterflies and for family get-togethers, this park will also double up as a research and scientific centre.


Where is Gurgaon Butterfly Park located at?

Sector 52A,


Haryana 122022

When should you visit Gurgaon butterfly park?

From August to April are the best months to visit the butterfly park. Butterflies don't come out in too much smog, fog or heat and your chances of seeing them during the day is considerably less as well. If you want to catch them in full glory, it is better that you start early at sunrise. Monsoon season is the best bet to see the butterflies in action.butterfly - park - gurgaon

Special Events that you can plan at the Butterfly Park

The organisers at Butterfly Park in Gurgaon urges the public to do some good and make a difference on their special day. Plan an event at the park on your birthday or anniversary, plant a tree, gift your guests a return gift of a sapling and enjoy the special day amidst lush nature and fluttering beauties.butterfly park in Gurgaon Sohna Road

You can also adopt a tree.

Painting competition and photography contest for students and butterfly enthusiasts are held on a regular basis.

Things to be taken care of:

Don’t forget to bring along an umbrella, cap and a water bottle.

Wear comfortable clothes.

Take care of your belongingness such as wallet, mobile and camera.

If you are planning to attend a scheduled event, please ensure that you confirm the timings with the organisers first.

Please don’t litter. Taking care of nature is your responsibility too.