Reigniting Hope: The List of NGOs in Gurgaon

NGOs in Gurgaon

We complain of selfishness and how people don't even have time to stop and see what's happening around them. At these times, when nobody has the time to listen, other people, let alone empathise and understand their pain, the NGOs come in picture and help all our trust in humanity, once again. The NGOs in Gurgaon are helping people to have a second chance at life and winning it despite all odds. While these NGOs help and uplift the under-privileged sections of society, they often face different challenges such as government bureaucracy and financial crunch. However, this doesn't stop them from reaching out and help a fellow human being in distress. Here's a list of NGOs in Gurgaon so that you can do your bit, help a fellow citizen and make a difference when it really matters.

The List of NGO in Gurgaon

Desire Society

The NGO cares for Children living with AIDS / HIV and with no family support. It also conducts awareness programs all over the country to raise awareness and reduce stigma around the disease and patients. See their Website


As the name suggests, this NGO works to uplift the underprivileged sections of the society. Whether it is the rehabilitation of specially-abled people, animal welfare, organic farming or helping women to build skills, this NGO leaves its footprint in every domain where it is needed. It also offers vocational training, skill-building training and part-time jobs for people in Gurgaon.

Earth Saviours Foundation

Besides working for the environmental concerns, this NGO is known for its services towards senior citizens, abandoned women and children and their rehabilitation. It gives them shelter, helps them to build skills and offers vocational training. See their Website

Save the Girl - Education Centre

Working in a state that is notorious for female foeticide, this NGO serves as a guiding light. It helps kids in urban slums to get an education and earn their livelihood with dignity. The NGO provides moral, emotional and financial support to kids and families.

Adhikaar The Rights Path

This NGO increase awareness in the society for human rights, civil rights and legal rights in Delhi - NCR. It also helps poor and underprivileged sections to get probono legal aid.


Call these NGOs and direct them to the person in need or help a survivor to reach out to them. If you want to go to extra length to make their work easier, you can donate to them. The donations to NGOs like life insurance premium are tax exempted. You can also donate other reusable resources such as fans, ROs, water coolers, clothes and tables to the NGOs. While it is understandable that these might be a ‘hands me down’ or second-hand utilities, please ensure that they are ‘usable.’ The least you could do is to treat your fellow people with respect and dignity that we all deserve.  You can also try to take some time out and volunteer at the NGOs on the weekends. Bring along chocolates, flowers and fruits to cheer the senior citizens, children and women and bring a smile on their faces.