The Bright Side of Life: Best NGOs in Hyderabad

NGOs in Hyderabad

NGOs are non-government organizations that help the underprivileged sections of the society to uplift and have a better chance at life. Working with a vision to create a better version of the world we all live in; the NGOs work is a thankless job. The volunteers can’t afford to feel tired or overwhelmed with what they see all around. Isn’t it ironic that only a handful of people are doing their job, which ideally, we all should be working for? Be it about the right to education or basic amenities like sanitation and hygiene or the rehabilitation of trafficking victims, these NGOs are making this world a better place- one day at a time. Here is the list of a few NGOs working toward the betterment of Hyderabad city. Read on, reach out them in case of an emergency or donate to them!

The List of NGO in Hyderabad

Ankuram Woman & Child Development Society

Anukuram is a woman's society founded by a group of women. This NGO works for women and kids from marginalised society. Empowering women through the means of education and kids, this NGO provides them with a platform to interact, collaborate and get trained. Visit their Website


CHORD is a Hyderabad NGO working for the rights, empowerment, skill development and education of women and kids of the underprivileged section. Visit their website

Cherish Foundation

Cherish Foundation is home to many orphaned children. It is currently a family to more than 50 kids and provides them a conducive atmosphere to grow and flourish. It offers them physical, emotional, personal, professional and spiritual support.

Helping Hand Society

This charitable society was founded by a group of IT professionals and offers financial aid to underprivileged patients. This NGO works to lessen the financial impact of the medical emergency on a family and gives livelihood program to kids, family members and wives of the patients.


Care4Autism focuses on kids with autism spectrum disorder. The NGO drives an intensive educational program based on scientific procedures. It helps kids to communicate, be independent and socialise with scientifically validated techniques and behavioural concepts.

You can donate money to them to help them function smoothly. Donations to them are exempted from tax under 80 C. Moreover, these NGOs make use of your re-usable items and turn them into useable resources. If you can’t donate money to them, you can donate clothes, toys, water coolers, bedsheets and ROs to them that are no longer required at your home or office. However, make sure that all these items are usable and not garbage.  This is the least we could do for our fellow human beings and they deserve to be treated with respect. Most of all, the NGOs could use your time, as a volunteer as well as an ambassador of goodwill. Bring your humane side to the front and visit their members! Don’t forget to bring chocolates, flowers and fruits when you visit the kids, senior citizens or women supported by these NGOs! That’s all it takes to bring a smile on their faces!