Painting the City Rosy: The List of NGOs in Jaipur

NGOs in Jaipur

NGOs are doing a wonderful job in bringing all strata of societies together and giving them a chance to live with equal opportunities, dignity and chance. Working independently of the government, they are driven by the greater good and are committed to bringing a substantial change to the society. The NGOs in Jaipur ensure that the underprivileged sections of society get the same opportunity and rights to education, sanitation and employment as like you do.

From working toward the welfare of stray animals to ensuring sanitation in the rural areas, from education and empowerment of women to help senior citizens to live life to the fullest, there is everything an NGO can do and there is nothing that it can’t do! To create a difference, an NGO needs to not only have access to unlimited funds but also manpower so that they can reach out to people in distress emotionally, mentally and financially.  One must go all out as there is no other way around! Here’s a list of NGOs in Jaipur that can use your help and resources to create a dent in the Universe.

List of NGO in Jaipur


Swardeep Sansthan

This NGO has won accolades for its wonderful job with hearing impaired and specially-abled kids from underprivileged sections of the society. Swardeep utilises normal teaching pattern with kids and doesn't use the sign language.

Aravali Patel Bhawan

This NGO is dedicated to working towards the upliftment of marginalised sections of the state. It also supports the environmental cause in Rajasthan. Visit their website

Kamla Bai Charitable Trust or KBCT

Kamla Bai Charitable Trust is focussed on the education of girl children in urban poor and underprivileged sections of the city. It provides monetary support to the girl students as well as give stationery, school bags, books and uniforms to them at every session. Another wing of the NGO also works to eradicate hunger within the marginalised sections of the society.


SIDART provides vocational training, skill-building training and global traineeship to the rural youth in Rajasthan.  It mainly works for the women and kids in the marginalised section of rural areas. SIDART is a small group that is working towards a solo mission of empowering the women and children. Visit their website

RAYS -Asha Ki Ek Kiran

Providing children with AIDS and HIV with all the support they can, RAYS, is indeed, a guiding light, which is rekindling hope in more than 50 kids under its wings. The children here get emotional, educational and moral support to live life to the fullest and with dignity.

If you see anybody in distress or you know anybody who is in dire need of help, you know whom to contact. Reach out to them and help your fellow human beings in need. You can also donate money to them, which is exempted from tax under 80 C. much term insurance. Some NGOs also accept reusable resources such as clothes, equipment like the water cooler, RO and fans. However, there isn’t like a gesture and token of gratitude like taking some time out, visiting the premises, volunteering for them and share some love! Take flowers, chocolates or fruits along and spread smiles!