Waiting for your help: The NGOs in Chandigarh

The NGOs in Chandigarh

A non-governmental organization or an NGO is a volunteer-run group that works on different strata of society and both on the national and international level. An NGO works toward a special purpose such as increasing awareness about a specific cause or promoting culture and arts or providing shelters and refuge to the underprivileged section of the society. Mainly NGOs work independently of the government but rely on government aid and sometimes, collaborate with the machinery for the greater good as well as to ensure smooth functioning. They rely on government aids, charity fundraiser and donations to fund their charitable activities. The NGO donations enjoy tax exemption status under 80 G. From kids at a slum to the senior citizens on the street, from drug addicts to the patients who are left on the street to fend for themselves, from women victim of trafficking or prostitution to the brave acid attack survivors, these NGOs are making all the difference in the lives they touch, and it is all that matters.

List of NGOs

HelpAge India

This NGO works for elderly folks who have been abandoned by their families and have nowhere to go. From last three decades, this NGO is running program for the welfare of senior citizens and providing medical aid as well as shelter. HelpAge India also organises awareness and development programs for the elderly to help them live again with dignity and confidence. Visit their website


This NGO works for the welfare of underprivileged children in Chandigarh. It runs and conducts programs for them to help them build skills and have better chances to earn the livelihood. Visit their website.


This NGO is working hand in hand with the Chandigarh government to educate and sensitise people about traffic rules, road safety and the consequences of drunk driving.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

As the name suggests, this NGO works for the hapless animals and prevents cruelty against them. They also have a facility to treat stray animals.

Nav Chetna

This NGO was originally founded in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and has a chapter working in Chandigarh. Nav Chetna is working for underprivileged sections of society and helps them mentally, medically, financially and emotionally. They also conduct blood donation campaign and drive awareness program for organ donation.

There are several NGOs in Chandigarh that could make use of your resources such as old clothes, water coolers, water purifiers and money to fuel the good deeds they are doing. Your small donation can make a sea difference to the lives they are supporting. Some of them also offer doorsteps pick-up so that your time crunch doesn’t stop you from helping them! However, please make sure that the equipment isn’t broken or the clothes simply too bad in a state to use. The people at these NGOs need your genuine support and help and shouldn’t be treated like a dumpster. If you could visit these NGOs with flowers, chocolates and fruits and volunteer there with your time, it is even more wonderful! NGO donations are exempted from tax, which you can use to get tax benefits.