flowers-jewelSince times immemorial women have shown a penchant for wearing jewellery. Such is the case with flowers too as there is no woman on earth who would say ‘No’ to flowers. Now what result do you get when you make jewellery out of fresh flowers? Some extremely gorgeous ornaments to adorn!The trend of wearing fresh flowers as jewellery is on the rise. Let’s take a look at it!


Just like your regular gold or silver jewellery, you can get all kinds of ornaments made out of flowers. From neck pieces to maangpattis, danglers, waist-belts, armlets, anklets, tiaras or bracelets, you can actually get your floral jewellery customized as per your preference, be it in a traditional style or contemporary.

There are so many flowers that can make for some exotic as well as fragrant pieces of jewellery for you. In case you want to go for a traditional look, opt for flowers like rose, jasmine or mogra. For a contemporary look, fresh flowers like button daisies or spider orchids can be used in makingsome extremely classy jewellery pieces.

The season of your wedding also plays a major role in deciding the kind of flowers you could use for your jewellery. While some of the flowers may be easily available throughout the year, the exotic kinds may have to be imported from other countries. Just make sure you are prepared well in advance for it all.

real flowersHOW TO WEAR

It is needless to mention that if you want to wear fresh flower jewellery, you should wear it the same day when you get it as later the flowers may start to wither away. However, sometimes few other embellishments such as crystals, pearls, beads etc can be added to the jewellery so that even if a few flowers in it wilt, its beauty remains intact. Another way of wearing floral jewellery is adorning jewellery made out of dried flowers as it can be preserved overtime and used as per your convenience.

You can get your entire floral jewellery customized as per the theme of the occasion you want to wear it for, the colour palette or the embroidery on your dress. Try picking up flowers for your jewellery in contrast with your outfit’s colour rather than wearing same colour flowers as your outfit’s colour. You may also have to keep in mind your outfit’s neckline when getting your jewellery made as for high necks delicate flowers with longer strings look great while for deep necks, chokers made out of small to medium flowers will work wonders.



While some may think that only brides or to-be-brides can wear floral jewellery in their wedding or wedding related functions but there are no restrictions to wearing floral ornaments. Even if you are a bridesmaid, a friend or a relative of the bride, you can totally wear floral jewellery. Just be careful to not overdo it. Do keep your jewellery designs simple and the flowers in it minimal.

The earliest form of jewellery ever made was that of flowers with the likes of ‘Shakuntala’ and ‘Menaka’ adorning it. Fresh flower jewellery not only looks divine but is also quite economical andextremely skin-friendly. There can’t be a more clever way of looking fashionable as well as elegant than with fresh flower jewellery. Try replacing your mundane gold jewellery with this light-weight, unique jewellery and flaunt your celestial side.