This Wedding Season, Let Flowers Create Magic for You

The wedding season is upon us. The scenario heats up as the favorable months of marriage approach.  Everybody comes together, sings, eats and merry away.  Can it get any better? Well, certainly yes! If you happen to be the bride or the groom, here is something you want to consider.

For your wedding color palette, it is time to think beyond marigold. As some unsaid norm, faux flowers and lights are lapped up by everybody but hapless guests aren’t able to tell the difference from one venue to other. Plus, they are just so passé. It is like walking to the last year’s arrangement! If you are leaving no stone unturned for your wedding, from your in-vogue trousseau to the perfect wedding cards, why would you want outdated wedding decoration?


You cannot wait to walk down the aisle, so, why do you want to make it seem so archaic? Don’t let the ‘chalta hai’ attitude ruin your big day; make it even bigger and grander with the perfect blooms! Err… not marigold, though.

  • Indian weddings often use marigolds for the decoration. Be it entrance or during feras, marigolds rules the wedding flavor. But for a change, imagine having spray roses, dahlias, peonies and lilies for wedding decoration. Be it floral arrangements, the centerpieces or bouquets, flowers can add a dash of elegance and plush to your wedding.
  • From tulips to posy bouquets made of mixed carnations, there are different ways you can use flowers to make your wedding a memorable affair, for yourself and the guests! If you are having a destination wedding, there is no stopping you! The mandap or canopy can be decorated with carnations or mixed roses.
  • You can use tulips as boutonnière and lilies for tiaras and crowns.
  • Utilize the splendid beauty of mixed roses and chrysanthemum to adorn your wedding invitation.
  • If you want your wedding to be eco-friendly, sending wedding invitation with a potted bud can be a very wonderful idea! Let your married life prosper as the bud grows to be a full-bodied plant.
  • Symbolize the new beginning and joy of your life with daisy and dahlias. Get the wedding entrance and mandapdecorated with them.
  • Having a no-frills wedding? Mark the simplicity and minimalist theme of your wedding with gerbera daisy. Complementing the elegance of your wedding, these flowers echo volumes about heartfelt feelings and emotions.
  • Lavender orchids make for wonderful bouquets for bride and bridegrooms. Representing faith, new hopes and transitions, the orchids exemplify graciousness.
  • To roll the curtains, you can use bouquets of mixed combination of flowers. You can also plan flower-draped ceiling of mandap or line the aisle with flower petals. Go for floral arrangement in mason jars for table tops. Or just select statement flowers to go with the wedding theme.

Coordinate the color of blooms for a mesmerizing and gorgeous wedding décor.  The flowers can instilla whiff of fresh air and fragrance into the wedding ambiance. So, this wedding season, let flowers take over your D-day and complement your feelings. Revel in the magic of soft and silky petals for the eclectic wedding décor.