Tips To Arrange Flowers In A Vase

17680rdcRe-cut flowers and prepare vase

The vase should not be too small so that it doesn’t hold sufficient water. The vase should not be too much large also, so that the flowers cannot be placed properly.

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Household tricks to keep flowers fresh

To get the longest use and enjoyment of fresh flowers, some tricks are given below to preserve your fresh cut flowers.

Aspirin Tablets: dissolve aspirin in the vase water before placing flowers in the vase. Aspirin creates more acidic and it helps the stem to absorb water easily.

Vodka:  People who have tried vodka have said, they are good to keep flowers fresh. Vodka inhibits ethylene production in plants and they are good to slow down wilting. Don’t pour so much of alcohol inside the vase. Before you pour the vodka into the vase, you must dilute them using water. Add a few drops of vodka with water and 1 tsp of sugar.vase arrangements

Sugar: Sugar is common ingredients found in every ones house and most people use them to keep cut flowers fresh. The sweetness will open up the buds and will keep the fresh flowers blooming longer. You can also add sugar with vinegar and fresh lemon juice and put the mixture into the flower vase.

Copper penny – put the entire copper penny into the bottom of the vase along with 1 tsp of sugar. Copper act as natural antibacterial agent and they prevent the growth of fungus.

Bleach – the bleach that you use to sanitize toilets can kill germs lurking around the flower vase. Bleach can sterilize the vase and they can also keep flowers remain fresh from wilting too fast. It prevents the water turning nasty and cloudy colour. Take ¼ tsp of bleach and mix it with some water before you pour the solution into the arrangement

Tips to arrange flowers in a vase

Arranging flower is a popular art and you must have enough skill to arrange them in a balanced way. Each flower has to be arranged in a specific meaning so that it fascinates others.

  • While using vase put some pebbles to the bottom because it will support the stem and will offer you an attractive finish in the arrangement.
  • Try out which flower will look best in each vase. Small flower will look best in shorter vase and long flowers will look elegant in longer vase. Cut the flowers to the required length so that it fits within the shape of your vase.
  • Place flowers in different angles, fill up gaps and mix colours in the arrangement.
  • Remove the pollen from the base to prevent flowers from becoming pollinated.