Top 5 Monsoon Flowers In India

Monsoon Flowers of India

It is often said that Indian monsoon tends to awaken the nature from a deep slumber for it turns the dry land into a green coloured picturesque landscape; most of the valleys become home to various species of wild flowers in unique designs and colours in this season; the rain forests get dense with different species of flora and fauna during rainy season. With rivers on full swing, lush green trees and pretty flowers blooming all around, Indian monsoon certainty do offer one of the most naturally beautiful scenery.

The prettiest and the most delightful sight during the pleasant monsoon is undoubtedly the gorgeous flowers that add a colourful tint to the lush green foliage around you. Now is the perfect time for you to fill your garden with some of the most colourful and attractive blooms. While there are so many shrubs and trees that can add beauty to your garden, we bring to you the top five monsoon flowers to decorate your garden with, this season.

monsoon flowersMONSOON CASSIA

This is one of the most common yet the prettiest tree to plant during the rainy season. These yellow flowers are set against the leaves in bunches giving a magnificent look during monsoon. These plants can also cover any extra patches in your garden. Besides adding beauty to your garden, the leaves of this tree can be used as a vegetable and the seeds as a rich source of protein for cattle. All Monsoon Cassia needs to grow properly is enough sunshine and air.

gulmohar monsoon flowersGULMOHAR

What can look prettier than the sight of a scarlet coloured flower amidst grey weather? Gul Mohar flowers along with green leaves bring in a contrast that is sure to give a lot of hope and cheerfulness. This can actually be called a typical monsoon flower as it blooms only when it is continuously raining. Even when they wither and fall, these flowers bring in colour burst wherever they are!

Indigo monsoon flowersINDIGO FLOWER

No list for monsoon flowers can be complete without the mention of these flowers. With attractive stems having star-shaped flowers on them, Indigo flowers bloom plentifully in rainy season. Mostly found in vavy blue colour, few other colours in which Indigo flowers could be found are violet, white and off-white.

HIBISCUS in monsoon flowersHIBISCUS

This deciduous shrub with dark green leaves produces huge trumpet shaped, colourful flowers. Hibiscus is an easy plant to grow, blooms generously in rainy season and can be planted singly or grown as a hedge plant. Available in colours ranging from red to peach to yellow, these flowers tend to attract a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds that are sure to add a glorious charm to your garden.


This could be one of the best flowers to decorate your garden with during monsoon season given to its sweet smell and magnanimous white appearance. Also known as ‘gandhraja’ because of its ability to perfume the entire yard wherever it is planted, Cape Jasmine can be used as a container plant, hedge, groundcover or bonsai.

There are a lot of other rainy season flowers for your garden besides the ones listed above that are sure to turn any garden into an attractive and colourful outdoor space. Transform the appearance of your garden with these splendid blooms and offer freshness, beauty and positivity to your environment.