Who doesn’t love flowers? They look gorgeous, smell awesome and besides looking lovely they help in keeping the environment balanced by releasing oxygen& sucking carbon dioxide. As if this was not enough, flowers, when planted outdoors, prevent erosion, while their roots help purify water. Multi-functional aren’t they?

Flowers do require a lot of care. Right amount of sunshine, water and weather, there is so much one need to take care of in order to grow their own blooms. Just like everyone else you love flowers too but are not too sure if you can put in so much effort in taking care of them. What if we told you the secret to a hassle-free way of growing flowers? Read on to discover top five flowers that can thrive and grow under little to zero care and any circumstances.

define-sunflower-1SUN FLOWER

Probably one of the easiest flowers to grow, even kids can grow Sunflowers. All one need to do is just sow the seeds straight into the ground in a sunny but sheltered spot and watch these bright yellow blooms grow all tall. Just make sure to provide the stems with supports in order to grow the tallest sunflowers. You can even plant the seed of this pretty bloom in a small pot and with just a few weeks of regular watering you would see seedlings coming out. Sounds awesome no?


No other flower can render a romantic look and feel to your garden than Sweet Peas. Their irresistibly delicious fragrance attracts all and the best part is that the more you pluck them, the more flowers are produced to fill the empty space. Just sow the large seeds of this sweet scented flower in the soil and watch it grow! All these flowers need to blossom is a sunny spot, plenty of water and a supportive fence to climb on. Won’t it be heavenly to watch these flowers around?


Also known as ‘Love in a mist’, Nigella is another easy to grow plant even for kids. Scatter its seed across a patch of bare soil and your job is done for the plant will look after itself. This flower offers an interesting ‘peek-a-boo’ appearance through a series of showy bracts that surround it. It can easily grow in a variety of soil types and like any other flower it needs water to flourish. An easy peasy task, indeed!


Cosmos are the prettiest, low maintenance flowers that are a must-have for every garden. Once seeds are sown, these flowers grow beautifully under the full sun and can even do quite well in poor soil. You can find these flowers growing in a multitude of colours and different varieties. While the tall Cosmos look great in outdoor gardens, small ones do well in containers or pots. Since these are self-seeding flowers hence they continue to grow in garden beds to their fullest, year after year. The biggest advantage with Cosmos is that they are drought tolerant which means they can totally tolerate dry conditions. So don’t panic if next time you forget to water your precious blooms (read Cosmos) for a few days for they will certainly take care of themselves. Already heaving a sigh of relief?

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Another great choice for even the kids to easily grow, Marigolds are beautiful, yellow, copper or bright gold coloured flowers that can be grown outdoors as well as in containers. These low maintenance flowers prefer full sun and grow really quickly. Just sprinkle some Marigold seeds on the soil and water them gently. A great advantage attached with these flowers is that these are pest-free. Their scent has the tendency to repel insects and hence Marigolds are often grown in vegetable gardens amongst plants like tomatoes and beans to keep off the insects & pests. Quite an added benefit!


So next time you are outside your houseand you see your neighbour’s garden full of colours while your lookscrispy and brown, don’t go all green with envy! Just add some of the above mentioned, extremely easy to grow flowers to your garden and watch it all burgeoning with pretty blooms. Love thy neighbour! J