Looking out for you: Top NGOs List in Delhi

NGOs List in Delhi

NGOs work at the grassroots levels to promote awareness, spread positivity and bring people closer to the ground realities. There are NGOs working to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. There are some groups working to eradicate the gender disparity in India and to rehabilitate the survivors of human trafficking and prostitution. It is a thankless job and a never-ending work. It demands them to be continuously on the toes while fighting with the prevalent thoughts and red tape within limited funds.  While NGOs work independent of any government association, they can collaborate with the system and government machinery for the smooth and seamless functioning of the project they undertake. With your monetary and other voluntary work, NGOs in Delhi make a huge difference to the lives they support and help them rise and shine!

The Smile Foundation

The Smile Foundation works for the underprivileged kids and helps them to build skills, get the education and medical facilities. Their aim is to provide these kids with the same opportunities and protected environment. Its work has been endorsed and lauded by several celebrities. Visit their website.


A renowned and proactive NGO in Delhi, Goonj is a collective voice of efforts being done to uplift the underprivileged sections of the society. The NGO collaborates with corporate and households alike for reusable resources like clothes, toys and equipment. Visit their website

CARE India

This NGO educates and works to uplift the women and girls who suffer abuse and violence due to discrimination and poverty. The NGO is working from last 60 years and doing a commendable job.

The Circle of Animal Lovers

This NGO focuses on stray animals and pets that are abandoned by their humans. The Circle of Animal Lovers provide them shelter, food and medical facilities to the animals in need. It also offers animals up for adoption.

CURE India

Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence or Cure India helps the poor communities to access basic amenities like sanitation, education, nutrition and cleanliness. It works with the government to ensure the aids reach to right people and isn't lost in the midway. Besides this, they also conduct awareness and 'reach out' programs for people to help them understand the importance of basic hygiene and education.

These NGOs in Delhi use all the help you can give! Be it in the form of clothes, money or your time, you can give your fellow human beings a reason to smile and live with dignity. Your monetary donations are exempted from tax exemption under 80 C.  Please make sure clothes, equipment and books that you decide to donate are good enough to be used again. The NGOs are in desperate need for your donation and charity but cannot be treated as a dustbin where you could just dump your trash. Everybody deserves the right to live with dignity and it is time that you respect theirs. If you could take some time out and visit these NGOs, don't forget to get chocolates, flowers or fruits with you to bring a smile on their faces!