Types of Blue Flowers: Seeking the Beauty and Magnificence of Nature

Blue is the only colour which maintains its own character in all its tones it will always stay blue; whereas yellow is blackened in its shades, and fades away when lightened; red, when darkened, becomes brown, and diluted with white is no longer red, but another colour – pink.

Raoul Dufy flowers paintings

Raoul Dufy

Now, imagine flowers in blue! However, as David Lee, the author of 'Nature's Palette: The Science of Plant Color' has pointed out, "Less than 10 per cent of the 280,000 species of flowering plants produce blue flowers," we don't see much of them. It is mainly because plants don't have true blue pigment or the gene required to secrete delphinidin in order to produce blue flowers. Only a handful of tropical plants have foliage in true blue colours.  The blue flowers or rose you see in the market are the results of complex processes such as gene modification, cross-pollination or sometimes even simple yet deceitful dyeing.

Blue flowers Blooming

Some of the true blue flowers found in nature are:

* Cornflower

* Heavenly Blue Morning Glory

* Perry’s Blue / Iris

* Blue Bird hydrangea

* Empire Blue Butterfly Bush

* Blue Giant, African Lily

* Blue Delphiniums

* Summer Blues or Delphinium grandiflorum

* Rhapsody Blue or Hydrangea macrophylla

Blue flowers are perhaps, all of us would agree, are the most beautiful thing to occur in nature. They are rare to find and magnificent phenomena! Against the backdrop of blue sky, plush greenery and greyish and black-white surrounding- they are a treat to the eyes!

The shade of aristocracy, novelty, luxury and all-things magnificent, the colour blue is unique and perfect. It mingles, mixes and matches with each shade and still stands out. In an ode to the colour blue and the blooms, we bring you our favourite 10 blue flowers!

Blue Hydrangea Flower

Blue Hydrangea flower

Blue hydrangea expresses liveliness of a relationship. Even on one plant, the flowers are found in different shades of blue -from a striking shade of blue to a pale, mere reflection of its peer.  But all in all- a sheer delight!

Blue Dandelion

Blue Dandelion flower

Originally a native plant of Europe and Asia, the flower can be now found all over the world. It symbolises the desire of seeing 'one's wishes to come true.'  Standing for affection and care, this flower is dainty and a darling!

Clematis in Blues

Clematis blue flower

A deep shade of blue bordering on purple, clematis is mainly used as an ornamental plant and stands for originality as well as loyalty.


Bellflower in Blue color

As the name suggests, bellflowers are in the shape of a bell. Found in a varied range of blue such as light blue, purple and violet-pink, these flowers have dark green foliage for the plant that brings out their blue shade even more. Bellflowers are believed to be from the magical fairy land and hence, are also called fairy thimbles.

Morning Glory Looks Wow in Blue Color

Morning Glory flower in Blue color

Morning Glory is a flower that blossoms in the morning and withers and dies with the sunset. A standing symbol for love and companionship, this flower is available in different shades of yellow, pink and white, other than blue.

Blue Hibiscus

Blue Hibiscus flower

Yet another thing of beauty, blue Hibiscus flowers are a rare sight in nature. You can find red Hibiscus so easily but having a blue flower is akin to finding a treasure. It is exotic and no wonder stands for uniqueness, fertility and exclusivity.

Iris Flower in Royal Blue Color

iris flower in Blue

This blue flower stands for valour and courage, mainly because of its blade-shaped foliage. Some also believe it to be a sign of sorrow and sadness that pierce the heart. Regardless, it is a summer flower and exceptionally beautiful.

Violet Flower

This pretty blue, the violet-pink flower is edible and used for food colouring as well as in salads dressing and cake decoration. As a gift, these beautiful and delicate flowers symbolise affection, satisfaction and care.

Forget Me Not

Blue Forget Me Not Flowers

Forget Me Not can easily be termed as a favourite flower of mythology and urban folklore. A symbol of Freemasons, an idea of undying commitment and love of forlorn lovers and an icon of Alzheimer's Society to raise awareness for the disease, this flower may look slight and tender but its importance is certainly not.

 The Blue Vanda Orchids

Blue color Vanda Orchids

Dr William Griffith first spotted this true, blue orchid in the valleys of North East India.  They aren't rooted to the ground and have large flowers, which are available in a variety of colours such as white, orange, purple and blue.  The Blue Phalaenopsis Orchids that are available in a range of rainbow colours around you are, however, dyed and not natural.

Beautiful and exclusive, wouldn't it be a delightful privilege to own and flaunt these blue flowers? They need proper sunlight and rigorous conditions and this is why they are better off as a wild spirit! Admire them in their magnificent glory from afar and revel in the marvellous wonder for Mother Nature!