Valentine’s Day –The Day of Love

Everyone knows about Valentine’s Day – the day we celebrate love and companionship. It is the day when people all over the world rejoice the immoral feeling called love; it is the day to acknowledge and celebrate togetherness.

The enthusiasm in this celebration is seen to be greater among the youth who considers it to be a great moment for expressing their love towards their beloved, but this is one day when everyone should express their love. In this busy scheduled world, many tend to take their loved one for granted so what can be a better day to express love than on Valentine’s Day.

No one knows for sure when this day was officially declared as the day to celebrate romantic love, but it is widely believed that it was in the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love thrived. Later in the 18th century, Europe somehow this day got associated with gifting flowers and cards and rejoicing love.

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Millions of people all across the globe exchange flowers, candy, cards and chocolates with their loved and remember St. Valentine. But how many do actually know who this St. Valentine is and the reason that we celebrate him? The legend says that he was a catholic priest in the Roman times and he secretly married off soldiers who were prohibited to do so. He was put in jail when caught. It is believed that it was Valentine, who actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting. While, in the jail, he fell in love with the jailor’s young daughter, and before the day he was executed, he wrote her a letter, and signed off as ‘from your Valentine,' an expression that is still used today all over the world.

Famous Symbols of Valentine’s Day and their Significance

Roses are the most popular flowers for this day as roses are seen as a symbol of love for over a century now. Many believe that rose is associated with love because when you   rearrange the letters of the word rose and get Eros, the god of Love

Cupid is a mythological God, and in Latin, the word Cupid means "desire." Cupid is actually a represented naughty looking chubby, naked boy with a bow and arrow that connects the hearts of the lovers.

Hearts were considered as the source of all human emotions in the early ages, and that is the reason why heart is linked to Valentine's Day. The heart shapes were drawn to symbolize the purest of human emotion – love.

Some Great Ideas for Valentine’s Day

A big Bouquet of Red Roses- Nothing speaks the language of love better than a big bouquet of long stemmed red roses and love flowersno gift of Valentine day is complete without roses. Giving a bouquet of these red roses always will speak of your love for your beloved words that you may not otherwise say. Moreover, these lovely roses are not only can be a source of joy and beauty, but are always eye catching and refreshing.

Personalized Gifts- The idea here is to make a lasting impression on the mind of your beloved, create a memory that will last for a long time. And you can easily do so by giving a gift that is unique and customized just for your beloved. You can plan ahead and order for personalized jewelry, pillows, personalized picture frames, personalized Valentine Wine glasses, personalized tees with a message and much more.

Candies and Chocolates with love Note- Everyone sends candies and chocolates on this day make it  special by adding a personalized love poem or love note on a card or heart shaped paper.

A lovely Meal Together-you can either go out to eat at your favorite joint or create a romantic dinner just for the two of you at home. Make a meal on your own order good food, light some candles to create an ambience get your favorite DVD and spend real quality time together.

This is a day that can be celebrated by all, even if you are not romantically in love. It is the day of love and can be rejoiced with your friends and near and dear ones. So what if you are single you can always host a party with all your friends and have a great time and spread the love.

Lastly, it must be remembered that love isn't about what you give and how expensive it is, it is more about your feelings and the time you really want to spend with your loved one, the attention and the togetherness should matter the most so never ever forget to say those three magical words – “I Love You” to the person who means the most to you on this day of love and be sure to get appreciated.