Valentines Day Flower Options In India

_40_flowers_rosesValentine’s Day is fast approaching, so you have got to start thinking about flowers. If you are not sure what kind of flowers to give that special someone you are in luck because we have broken down your options and laid them out for you. Below is a comprehensive list of your Valentine’s Day flower options.


Tulips are a great choice for Valentine’s Day flowers. They look great in a bouquet both by them self or mixed with another flower. Tulips come in nearly every color of the rainbow so you can personalize them by picking a color you know the recipient will like. Red and pink tulips symbolize a new beginning so they are ideal for a new relationship. If you are trying to cheer someone up consider yellow tulips. If you are in the doghouse and need forgiveness try a bouquet of white tulips.


Orchids are tropical flowers so they are reminiscent of the exotic locales they hail from like Hawaii, Brazil and the Amazon Basin. Orchids are delicate and graceful. They represent love, strength, beauty and luxury. Orchids look great alone, or when mixed in a bouquet. If your love has a green thumb consider sending a potted orchid.


Sunflowers spread a little sunshine to wherever they are delivered. A bouquet of sunflowers will light up any room. Sunflowers can be sent alone, or in a bouquet mixed with other flowers. Sunflowers represent the sun itself with the big bright petals and bright open face. Sunflowers represent warmth, lasting love, adoration and happiness.


Gerbera daisies are known for their flawless blooms. The large brightly colored flowers make them an ideal choice for a mixed bouquet. Available in a rainbow of colors, also look great alone. Red and pink daisies are especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day. If you want to put a smile on someone's face you can’t go wrong with a bouquet of gerber daisies.


If you want to send an arrangement of flowers that looks rich and luxurious you can’t go wrong with lilies. Lilies symbolize happiness and sophistication. You have a variety of lilies to chose from when Valentine’s Day rolls around. Peruvian lilies make for a full and bright bouquet. Mini Cala Lilies represent beauty and purity. Stargazer lilies are fresh and fragrant.


Carnations are both affordable and beautiful. They represent a mother’s undying love, so they are the ideal flower to send to Mom on Valentine’s Day. Carnations come in a variety of colors so you can mix it up with a rainbow bouquet, or go with a solid color arrangement. Best of all, because they are affordable you can afford a substantial sized bouquet.


If you want to give a floral gift that will stand the test of time you should consider giving a succulent. These flowers are given potted and last for months at a time when cared for properly. This is also a great gift to give to a man because these flowers aren’t soft and dainty. Consider a succulent of aloe, or a cacti.


If don’t want to send roses ranunculus are the next best choice. These brightly colored flowers come in multiple layers of paper-thin layers. They come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, pink, red, salmon, rose and sunset orange. They are in season in the winter months so they are an ideal choice for Valentines day. They great alone, or in a mixed bouquet of flowers.


The hydrangea flower stands for heartfelt emotions and it can be used to express gratitude. Hydrangeas come in shade of blue, pink and white. They look great both alone in a pot, or in a mixed bouquet.


Roses are the traditional choice for Valentines day flowers. You can go with the standard red roses or pick one of the multiple color options available to you. Red roses stand for love and romance. Pink roses stand for love, gratitude and appreciation. White roses symbolize marriage, spirituality and new starts. Orange roses stand for enthusiasm and passion. Yellow roses stand for friendship, joy and good health. If you are not sure what color to go with consider a bouquet of mixed color roses.