A Wedding That Is a Sight To Behold, Oriental Style

Tired of seeing the same themes, flowers and stage decorations that you usually see on a wedding? Well here’s to an entirely different new look into a well planned wonderful day, perhaps the best day in your life!


Ever thought of having a wedding in uncommon places, wild and exotic? Instead of your normal church surroundings what about a ravishing wedding on a beach or a lawn? While some people like it plain and simple, others go a little overboard to make their special moments truly to be cherished. For instance, an underwater wedding party or hot air balloon weddings definitely come as ideas out of the blue. But considering the fact that most Indians like to keep things simple rather than wild, why not a beautiful outdoor lawn wedding with simple but original themes and decorations?

Some of the things to be kept in mind while planning for a wedding, especially the decorations, are the color themes making sure that the colors match the mood of the wedding. Most Indians go for the Asian theme which focuses on colors like red and black with hints of green and gold. Flowers can vary from orchids to wild flowers that match the wedding theme.

Japanese style weddings

While arranging an open lawn party, the best choice would be to go for a Chinese/Japanese theme, using contrasting colors like red and black as mentioned before. While designing the stage for the outdoor party, you might want to keep in mind that there should be sufficient lighting, preferably warm lights. One of the better ways of making it a truly Oriental wedding would be to have Japanese paper lamps with warm lights inside. The lamps could be made of gold and red butter paper and is easy to make even at home. These exquisite lamps could be hung from poles wrapped in bright red and gold paper, striking a most charming effect as well as illuminating the evening with a contrast to the softer shades of twilight.

Stage settings

As for stage settings, a raised platform can serve as a podium, covered with white and red orchids. The seats for the bride and wedding arrangementsbridegroom can be oriental wooden chairs with intricately carved hand rests. The backdrop of the stage can be a red and gold theme with the names of the bride and groom in Japanese script. Moreover there could be Chinese paintings on the screen, making the whole scenario look alive and vibrant.

As to the settings on the lawn, round tables with frilled tablecloths can be arranged with matching chairs surrounding them. Little candle tapers with red and black butter paper enclosing them can also be used as a centerpiece on the tables.

The point to be remembered is that such parties are to be held in the evening, preferably between 6 pm and 9 pm. This will set the mood for a nice, quiet and peaceful oriental wedding.

Another important factor while choosing decorations for an oriental wedding is that the flowers should be kept fresh and the lamps should give a pleasant glow, giving an ambiance of romance and serenity. The decorations likewise should be new and fresh, especially the tapers and paper lamps.

wedding flowersDinner party

Now concerning the food arrangements, a buffet type dinner with a typical 5 meal course including desert would be ideal. Buffet counters can be set up at vantage points at easily accessible and convenient locations so as to avoid confusion among guests during dinner.

Starters can include soups and cocktail shrimp with oriental sauces. This can be followed by different rice and noodle dishes, or can even be a fusion of Indian and Chinese food, creating a new wave in the realm of flavors and tastes.

As part of table décor, finger bowls can be added to give an elegant charm to the party.

The desert can be Japanese puddings and cakes with saki, Japanese wine, to go along as accompaniment. Moreover there can also be a true-heart-standingspecial cocktail bar specializing in champagne and different types of wine.

Taking ladies in mind, there can also be a mock tail bar, catering to non- alcoholic beverages.

Not to forget another important feature, the aisle can be a long red carpet strewn with flowers. Petals of lotuses would make an ideal covering on the carpet.

Wedding apparel

The clothes worn by the bride and groom should be such that the theme and flowers match well together. It is not necessary that the bride and groom should dress in mandarin style, but a classical Oriental wedding with a hint of Indianism would require the groom to wear a red Sherwani and the bride to wear a saree draped kimono wise. Of course what matters most is that the clothes should go well with the settings.

So if you plan to have an Oriental cum Indian wedding, the best deal would go for these ideas and have a truly exciting exotic wedding.

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