Which Flowers to Say Sorry? Choose the Right Flowers

Flowers to Say Sorry!

Sometimes you mess up! It is your professional commitments that take over your personal moments or it is sometimes the words uttered in a heating range that cause a burning sting to other but you know in heart that they don’t mean a thing! No matter how safely and carefully we want to move on with our lives and its curves, we all make mistakes. Incidents happen and to make up for them you have to say sorry and mean every bit of it.  So, for such moments where you feel that you have messed up terribly, sorry flowers are just the life savior to take you through and make up for your mistake!flowers to say sorry

Yellow Rose

Yellow rose symbolizes innocence and friendship, making it ideal to express your heartfelt emotions if you want to apologize for the mistake, especially to a friend. If you don’t want to go for yellow roses alone, mixed rose bouquet can be your go-to option with orange roses in it.  You can also opt for flowers with yellow color or hue of yellow such as Peruvian lilies. Win your heart back into the friendship by brightening your friend’s day with yellow rose bouquet!

[caption id="attachment_789" align="aligncenter" width="640"]yellow roses flower Choose yellow roses to say sorry with flowers[/caption]


White Tulips

White is always associated with purity and new beginnings. And white tulips are happy flowers that can help you say sorry and make up for the mistake. These apology flowers are elegant too and never go overboard especially when you are sending it to office of the concerned person. Team up the flower bouquet with personalized note or greeting cards to express your emotions and get forgiven!

[caption id="attachment_790" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Choose white tulip flower to say sorry Choose white tulip flower to say sorry[/caption]


Get over the phase of discord and unhappiness with lily of the valley. Lilies as a floral gift refresh and wipe away the discord.  Lilies are dainty and delicate, much like most of relationships that have their phase of misunderstanding and miscommunication and suggest you to handle them with care!


Ivy always goes with other bunch of flowers. Working as a dependable foliage and lending to the lusciousness of bouquet, Ivy add a dash of dependability and support, the one thing which you need to convey the most when you have messed up.  It is classic and you can never go overboard with them! Ideal for people who wouldn’t like to receive frilly displays of affection and care but a subtle hint at it!

White Orchids:

Orchids are anyways a trusted mode to express your love and care.  And when it comes to white orchids, they are the epitome of sincerity and care, just the things you needed to convey to the person whom you have managed to piss off. Delicate and fragile, they are the living example of how relationships should be handled.

white orchids bunch

Blue Hyacinths

This is the official peacemaker and the best way to say truce when stress, arguments and misunderstanding take over your relationship. Get a beautiful fresh flower bouquet available at MayaFlowers & CityFlowers when good sense prevails over you! And rest assured you will be forgiven easily!


[caption id="attachment_792" align="aligncenter" width="640"]all time favorite flower is red roses - Mainly for lovers, but we can use them to say sorry as well :) all time favorite flower is red roses - Mainly for lovers, but we can use them to say sorry as well :)[/caption]

And can you go wrong with classic red roses? Never! A rose bouquet represents unconditional love, care, affection and warmth.  It can be the perfect way to extend apologies to your special someone if you have messed up and really mean the every word of your apology. For friends, stick to yellow roses though.

Flowers are the universal messengers to express your love, care and emotions when words fail you. They are the perfect embodiment of human feelings and even convey the complex of feelings in the simplest and vibrant manner!  Always remember, making mistakes isn’t a problem, not doing anything to make up for them and winning your way back into the hearts is!