White Flowers Meaning : The Absolute History & Beautiful White

White Flowers Meaning

White isn’t an absence of color. On the contrary, a famous writer once said, it is the presence of all colors. White is gorgeous. Sigmund Freud from the History wrote about why flowers are so restful to look at. They don’t have conflicts or emotions. They are harmony and the color white in flowers take the harmony to next level. The composure and purity of white flowers is simply unmatchable and ultimate. White flowers symbolize purity and spirituality since the begining of flowers history.

As Arena Flowers starts a new series on the type of flowers and their respective meanings, it is the white flowers that get the first spot, because you know, white flowers also signify a new start!

Flowers are available in the rainbow of colors and hence, people usually look over white flowers and they usually are used in a combination of along with other flowers. However, the white flowers can make for beautiful, delightful and pristine floral arrangements.

What Do White Blooms Signify?

  • New Beginnings
  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Beauty
  • Spirituality

white flowers meaning

White is a color that is made with all of the colors. This is why; white is always the main element of spirituality due to its all-encompassing nature. White flowers are also the perfect gift for a marriage anniversary because white blooms represent purity and if you are reiterating your vows or want to show your commitment towards the relationship, white flowers are the perfect option to go for!

White Rose Flower Meaning

white roses

White rose, for instance, is also known as bridal rose and is the symbol of the pureness of a new relationship. However, the trend of bridal white rose was started by Queen Victoria when she walked down the aisle holding one, in the year 1840. The theme of wedding and décor also saw plenty of white roses and since then, it became a tradition.

Earlier also, when a relationship would start becoming serious, white roses would form the foundation and red roses would thereafter finalize the association. The white roses are anyway traditional wedding flowers because they symbolize true love for each other. For every new relationship and with each wedding anniversary when the love is going strong with each passing year, white roses are the fitting gift. Even in the Victorian era, fresh bouquets of white roses were sent to make a proposal and to show an interest. During the beginning of a relationship too, white blooms were considered to be the classy and polite gift. In India these white flowers are very popular in flower delivery in Pune & Bangalore cities.

White Color Flower Significance

Representing virtue and unity of two people who are committed to each other, white flowers are the perfect way to honor a relationship.

Even now, the bouquet of red and white roses are said to be the perfect one to signify purity and passion, the two most important elements in a relationship.

White flowers can be gifted for every occasion and person.  The white flowers are versatile and don’t symbolize anything remotely passionate. White blooms represent honor and admiration, and it is why they are the perfect choice for décor for boardroom meetings and to welcome the official guests. From baby shower to graduation ceremonies and funeral, white blooms, just like the color, are eternal and forever.

A white-on-white flower bouquet looks elegant and so pristine. If you want to add a dash of tranquility and serenity to your living space, white flowers fit the bill completely.

The white color seems timeless and gracious even as the years pass by. For the weddings that have stood the test of time and stay unfazed, nothing seems to be a better gift than a bouquet of white flowers.

White flowers are also used for sympathy and funeral arrangements for their respect and spiritual factor.

White reflects light and represents brightness. White flowers are the perfect gift for your friends and family members looking for some hope and light.

When can you Gift White Flower Bouquets?

You can gift white flowers bouquet to your wife on your wedding anniversary, to a friend who might be looking for a cure and needs a ray of hope or to a bereaved family to revive faith in life once again. White flowers can help your family, friends, and relatives to restore balance and harmony in life while looking forward to the future. White flowers can also be gifted to someone you admire and respect. The white blooms make for the wonderful gift for your mentors, teachers, and parents who have been guiding light and supporting pillar for you throughout your life.

White flowers are versatile and can be used to complement every occasion and special moments of your life. White as a color is subtle and gets along with every theme and décor. The calmness and peace carried by white flowers are unique and it can enhance the lively ambiance of your living space, office as well as the Yoga class.

Facts about White Blooms


  • Almost every flower is available in white color, however; it is the white rose that comes to everyone’s mind. During the Roman era, white roses were associated with Goddess Aphrodite, who is believed to be the goddess of love and beauty. It is also believed that every rose was white until she pricked herself with a thorn and all the roses turned red.

  • White rose also holds an important role in Christianity and is believed to be associated with Virgin Mary. In fact, she is usually referred to as the Mystical Rose of Heaven, emphasizing on white rose being pure, joyous and glorious. This is also a reason that white roses were a major feature of medieval gardens.

  • In the political scenario as well, white roses are expected to have an important role. A white rose was the symbol of House of York supporters too during the War of the Roses in the 15th Century of England. White rose was also the sign of the Duke of York whereas the red rose was the official sign of Lancaster family.

  • White roses were also an indicator of secrecy and conveyed that a conversation or document is marked confidential.

  • White Calla lily is related to the resurrection of Jesus. The trumpet-shaped bloom symbolizes victory and is often associated with angels due to its attributes such as purity and holiness.

  • White orchids are rare and because of not being so common, are deemed valuable and a sign of opulence. The values attributed to white orchid flowers are of innocence, divinity, and purity. White orchid is often gifted to somebody whom you deem outstanding and who holds a special place in your heart.

  • White carnations are known for their extravagant and larger size. These make for excellent centerpieces and often associated with pure and innocent love. Perfect for Mother’s Day and Grandparents’ Day celebrations!

  • If you seek forgiveness and want to apologize, do it with white tulips. These spring flowers are known for their attribute which is, demanding worthiness.

  • Beauty doesn’t have to be limited to mere eyes alone. To appreciate such beauty and virtue, you need to have an eye and words for it. Say it with white gerbera daisy to admire it all! White daisy also stands for emotional clarity and a love that is far deeper and not limited to physical attributes.

  • White hibiscus is not just a flower. It is being used since ages for healing. It is associated with fertility and purity. Moreover, it stands for ‘Carpe Diem’!  Have a friend who is confused about an opportunity or have two minds about something? A couple who is trying to get pregnant or you have to attend a baby shower? Here is the perfect gift for all of these situations, a bunch of white hibiscuses!

  • Daffodils feature in William Wordsworth’s poem and are said to bring upon a moment of sheer happiness to the poet. The spring flower is a tenth anniversary bloom and is expected to bring luck and prosperity to the recipient. It represents new beginning and rebirth. For people, who are looking to start afresh, there can’t be a better gift than white

  • White Magnolia is attributed to feminine perfection and elegance. It is the perfect gift for the women in your life to appreciate their support and unconditional love.

  • White Hydrangea celebrates long-lasting friendship and unconditional devotion.

white flower bouquet

Types of White Flowers at City Flowers

  • White Orchid

  • White Calla Lily

  • White Tulips

  • White Roses

  • White Gerbera Daisies

And many more!

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