woman-flower-smilingNo, this isn’t a feminist post! Nor are we trying to advocate or analyse any ideology based on women’s liberation or emancipation! This is for all you men out there who gift flowers to their mothers, wives, female friends or special someone on special days, birthdays or even ordinary days. You even gift flowers when you want to ask for forgiveness or when you simply want to bring a smile to your loved one’s face as you know the trick is definitely going to work. However, deep down, nine out of ten guys wonder why should they gift flowers for they are a cliché and they die anyway! So, why waste money on them, right? This is why!


We don’t need to tell you how special each and every female is! Make them feel more special by treating them exclusively. No, you don’t have to buy them expensive gifts all the time! You can spoil the lady in your life, be it your mother, wife or anybody else, by simply gifting them some flowers. A nice bouquet, a bunch of flowers or even a single rose has the power of yielding a guaranteed smile from a woman. Yes, yes! The truth has just been spoken.


Flowers are delightful! When you gift them to a woman, you are actually giving her a memory, a reason to remember you and think of you every time she looks at those flowers. It is not important if they are alive for a day or two, she will reminisce the time she received them from you and that is going to bring a big-big smile on her face, a priceless smile! Still think flowers aren’t worth spending money on?


Most of you guys might have certainly thought of this at some point in your life and some of you may still think that flowers are pointless for they do nothing more thanjust sitting in a corner or on top of a table, being all fragrant and beautiful. Well, isn’t every woman out there just the same? We are definitely not referring to women as being pointless here. We are saying that every woman is just as pretty as flowers and smells as heavenly as them! No, we aren’t suggesting that all you men stink! It is just that women are as soft and tender as flowers and so what better way of making them feel special than gifting them something that suits their personality! Now does this not make total sense?

We hope that you won’t think twice before sending out flowers to a woman next time. Go on and buy your favourite woman some nice flowers and show her some love.

P.S. Dear men, please do not feel left out. It is not like only women are worthy of getting flowers. You do deserve them as much! In fact, everyone deserves flowers! Send flowers to your loved ones now for you don’t need a reason or occasion to bring a smile to their face.