Winter Blooms: Flowers that Dazzle Throughout the Year!

winter-bloomsComes winters and we are reminded of the inevitable and cruel seasonal change. As we bid farewell to the pleasant summers, the cold and numbing winter fall upon us. Cold is grey. Not even black or white, it is somewhere in the transition as the shades of black and white merge to make a dull, gloomy and depressing ambience even for the bravest of the heart.

At such times when most of us hide and shy away from the nippy weather, we have some respite in the form of winter-blooming flowers and perennials that give us something to hold onto and make the ambiance alive! Be it for winter garden, to gift your loved ones or for home décor, these flowers bloom in every form and have striking colors to add a dash of beauty in the otherwise mundane surroundings.  Read on to know about them!

how-to-plant-carnationsPerpetual Carnations:

Perpetual Carnations come in a variety of colors and bloom throughout the year. While these love warmer climates, they can manage just as fine in winters with proper protection.  Keep them indoors or put them in sun once it is out.  Use mulch or put then under patio to protect them from frost.  If you are gifting them or getting them for home, ask the host to keep the stems wrapped.


Create an exotic effect with the colorful Dahlias! Usually, these are seen more as fall flowers as the full bloom can be experienced around late November, when most of the flowers start show the adverse effects of chilly weather. You can use the large blooms in tall standing arrangement or arrange them as a bouquet. For your backyard garden, create a nice boundary with them.   The rich colours of Dahlias make for an impressive color palette in winter sky.

Gerbera-DaisyGerbera Daisy:

The large bloom of Gerbera Daisy is as bold as it is colorful. The chill in the weather and the freezing temperature make it even more pleasant and fragrant. Under-plant it big trees and keep the soil moist. If you are planning to buy flowers to gift your loved ones, go for mixed gerberas for a wholesome appeal.


How much dainty the lilies might seem, these are very much capable to withstand the test of times. Though, lilies love sun and their watery tips can be damaged by freezing temperatures. However, the bulbs grow in cooler temperature and most of the professional gardeners temporarily store the bulbs in refrigerator to sprout them faster.  It is advised to steer clear of freezing temperature and keep the bloomswell-drained moist. Show them sunlight whenever there is any! Keeping mulch around lilies is advised in frosting weather.

Begonia On Top PinkBegonias:

Accentuate your home décor with the beautiful bulbs of perennial begonias.  The blooms can even sustain the early frost of December and January while staying intact and letting your lovely abode stay fragrant. You can add them to window sills or doors for their colorful appeal.  The changing seasons don’t have any impact on the begonias, making up for the fragrant blooms throughout the year.