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37 products

Say ‘Happy Birthday’ with Flowers to Make their Birthdays Really Special!

A birthday is a day when you would want every desire to be fulfilled for that special person. Easier said than done, right?  It is a general consensus that the right birthday gift is the hardest to find. You don't want to underdo it or don't want people to read between under the lines, especially when you don't really mean it! So, what do you do? No, praying that you disappear for the day isn't an answer! Flowers are!

Buy Birthday Flowers Online

Send birthday flowers to your loved one, friend and family to make their birthdays even more special! Still not convinced? Arena Flowers has curated a list of special birthday scenarios to let you make an informed decision! Scroll down and see for yourself when can you say Happy Birthday with flowers without thinking twice about it!

Tag your love & order happy birthday bouquet from City Flowers!

You have recently started dating and you have no idea what she likes! It is her birthday and you don't know what you should gift her that isn't understated or over the top but also does justice to your feelings! Guys, say it with flowers! Singing Happy Birthday with flowers can never go wrong! The best thing - it is gender-neutral. You can gift them to men too! Though for men, you would like to go with either red roses, a mixed flower bouquet or strong hued flowers such as purple orchids.

To feel loved and make them feel loved with Birthday Flowers

You have been married for years now and you have, kind of, over the gifting regime with each other. It is the kids' education and occasions or the in-laws' medicine that takes the top spot on the priority list. Why not bring back the romance to your life? Why not rekindle the flame? Why not bring back the fragrance back and hit the refresh button on the entire love scene of your life? And what could be a better time than each other's birthday? You still are in love but just have forgotten a way to each other's heart. The first step, in fact, the milestone to this journey is flowers! A bunch of happy birthday flowers with a personal message is all you need to warm them up!

To your best person

Your favorite person in the whole wide world, your BFF has all the things in the world! He has you, c'mon! So, what is the best birthday gift for him? Of course, flowers and his favorite chocolates!

Of course, duh, on a birthday! Or for a birthday month?

A birthday month is a brilliant way to show them that you love and care for them! Send them Good Morning flowers, thanking them for being there in your life!

To get the conversation going

It is your colleague's birthday and you hardly talk to him / her. But don't you want to break the ice and get things rolling professionally? Birthday flowers are the best option to congratulate them meaning well and without sending mixed signals.

Flowers express your emotions and convey your well-wishes like no other. You can never go wrong with them. As a general perception, men like mixed flower bouquets and purple orchids as they represent strength and royalty. Women, on the other hand, are simpler and superior beings who appreciate genuine feelings and gesture. So, any flower is good for them! Though, the red flowers still mean love and passion, so, if you don't really want to send mixed signals, just put a little thought into it or browse through Arena Flowers' birthday flowers collection.

Be it formal or casual, just friendly or intimate, saying Happy Birthday with flowers is always the best and failsafe choice!  

The different types of gifts

Different types of gift combinations are also offered by the suppliers. Some of these combinations include flowers with a teddy, chocolates with flowers, greeting cards with flowers, etc. A few of these popular gift combinations are as follows:

  • Combo gift
  • Colorful hue
  • Mix and match
  • Flowery cake
  • Royal love
  • Chocopop cakes with flowers

All the above-mentioned gift items are wrapped in glossy packs for presenting as gifts. Thus, these gift combination items draw the attention of the hosts in the parties and make the occasion memorable for everyone.