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On entering the flower exhibition, the guests can be showered with rose petals and be given sweets. That itself would be a great enthusiasm for the viewers to go inside and take a look at what is inside. As the viewers move forward, on either side there can be lighted podiums with beautiful orchids tied around with beautiful ribbons or silk cloth.

6 products

6 products

What do the various shades of Carnations represent

Light red carnations represent the feelings of respect.

Dark red carnation is the symbol of immense love and fondness. 

Pink Carnations are the symbol of mother’s love.

White carnations are the symbol of a clear heart, affection, harmony, calmness, and good luck.

Yellow carnations are the symbol of dissatisfaction, displeasure and misery.

Purple carnations are the symbol of unpredictability and fickleness.

It is always a right idea to check for the appropriate colours before gifting carnation to anyone.

Any individual who would like to present a unique, eye-catching bouquet to their loved ones, has to choose blue color roses. The meaning that is incorporated in these flowers is that the task which is almost impossible to achieve is accomplished by the individual unbelievably.