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As we all know that women love flowers very much. You can gift flowers to your mother for mother’s day and to your girl friend on her birthday or Valentine’s Day and make them feel special and excited. If you want to propose any person, flower bouquets are the best means to convey your feelings.

561 products

561 products

Flowers Galore at City Flowers

Sending an online flower bouquet to your loved ones with us is win-win for everyone.  A winsome deal for you since you don’t leave the house or office to find a florist. Besides, you always have the advantage of seasonal discounts and promo codes that make buying flower bouquet in India even pocket-friendlier. For your loved ones, it is even better because you get to become the reason of their happiness with this sweetest gesture. And is there a feeling better than knowing that they are happy because of you?

With CityFlowers, sending flowers online to your near and dear ones becomes easier than ever. Whether you are in the same city or different countries, sending them flowers is now as easy as connecting with them over a chat messenger. Browse through our selection of flowers bouquet online and order right away.

Flower Boquets Online in India

Be it a birthday flower arrangement or a Valentine’s Day, a Mother’s Day surprise bouquet with a cake and chocolate or a love combo, City Flowers brings you gift and flowers for every special day and occasion.

The floral arrangements are made by expert florists using the perkiest and freshest of the flowers. The flowers are handpicked and sourced by local florists to ensure fair-trade and to give you the best value for your money.

Flower Bouquet for Birthday

Birth-yays! These are the days when you just can’t keep calm! If it is your loved one’s birthday, do you really want to wait to send them flowers to show how much you love and care for them? This is why we have Midnight Delivery to help you celebrate the birthdays and anniversaries right at midnight. Browse through the birthday flower bouquets online and make birthdays even more special! Choose online flower bouquet in accordance with birthday months such as carnations for January, roses for June, daisies for April and so on! You can also narrow down the selection of birthday flowers as per your budget, the colour of the flowers and arrangement type.

Flower Bouquet for Anniversary

An anniversary reminds you of a year gone by. The good and the bad, the sweet and the bitter, the longing and the togetherness, an anniversary day takes you down to the memory lane and makes you feel grateful. With City Flowers, you can send anniversary flowers online to your loved one without breaking your budget. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, a professional milestone or a day that deserves to be celebrated again and again, we have online flower bouquet for every celebration!   Handpicked and hand-designed, these flower bouquets are the perfect way to congratulate and wish your loved ones on an anniversary.

Flower Bouquet for Wedding

Flowers are an essential aspect of a wedding. The floral jewellery adorns the bride, they become ‘sehra’ for the groom and in the decor, they are a major decor statement as a standalone or complementing pattern. At City Flowers, you can buy wedding flowers online or book us for wedding decor! A wedding is a big and special occasion for you and your family. You shouldn't be spending it all worried and worked up about arranging flowers and floral decor for the wedding! Leave it to the experts and enjoy the big day! Book your wedding flowers online at City Flowers without breaking your budget and get them delivered at your doorsteps! 

Bouquet of Love with Fresh Flowers

Buy flowers bouquet online at City Flowers and bring a special, refreshing and fragrant touch to the traditional gifting pattern. The perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings alike, the flowers help you express your sentiments when words fail you. Send flower bouquets online now with City Flowers and get doorsteps delivery anywhere in the world. Make your world a bit smaller and a lot brighter with our range of flower bouquets in India. Reach out to your loved ones when it matters and when you would like to! Let flowers do the talking when you can’t!