Finest Golden Roses Online in India

    Here are the finest gold plated roses for you. Pick from the selected range and place your order now! Don’t forget to avail seasonal discounts and special promos before checking out with the order. You can also top up your golden rose gift with a gift basket, fruit basket and chocolates. 

    19 products

    19 products

    Golden Plated Roses by City Flowers, India

    A rose is a rose is a rose; however, a gold-plated rose is a class apart. City Flowers brings you a fascinating range of gold-plated roses online to commemorate and complement your special occasions! The roses are beautiful, but gold-plated roses are unique, exclusive and gorgeous to say the least. Perfect for every special occasion, these roses are meant to display and make a wonderful gift! Let’s have a look at what these beautiful gold-plated roses can do!

    Perfect Gift for Every Occasion: Flowers are, perhaps, the most politically correct and a universal choice when it comes to making your special moments memorable. With gold-plated roses, you can make those moments last forever. They are the token of remembrance of those lovely moments you never want to end. Mementos that bring those beautiful memories flashing right before your eyes whenever you saw them!

    Be it a birthday, wedding anniversary, a professional accomplishment or a housewarming ceremony, you don’t have to think twice about buying gold-plated roses!

    Elegant Gift Choice: The plated rose not only looks good but also makes for an elegant gift option. The roses come with a signature gift box and you can also send along a note to bare it all!

    Uplifts the Décor: The gold-plated roses are just the perfect addition to any household. Jazz up your home décor or lighten up the darkest corner of your home, you can do it all with one twig of gold-plated rose.

    A gold-plated rose by Arena Flowers is gift-ready! All you have to do is to order roses online and the rest is up to us! Order now and get doorsteps delivery across the world and never stay out of touch with your loved ones, no matter how far you are from them! Irrespective of the boundaries and time zones, your gift of love and feelings are delivered right to your loved ones, whenever you want! 

    Classy Golden-Plated Roses Online

    City Flowers brings you an exclusive range of gift collection to commemorate and complement your special moments and occasions. Choose your pick from a unique assorted selection of Golden-plated roses that are designed, dipped and handcrafted to bring you the perfect gift for any occasion you can think of! The Golden-plated roses serve as a memento and keep reminding of your loved ones that they are always in your hearts and thoughts. Without overdoing the bling or missing the mark, these are the apt gift for every occasion, from a personal moment to official ceremonies. The Golden roses make beautiful housewarming gift as they score a ten on display value as well. Use it as a standalone twig in a vase or let it make a statement for your home décor and speak highly of your taste with a gold-plated rose.

    A Unique Gift for Your Unique Occasions

    The Golden-plated roses are gift-ready and come with a signature carry box, making the overall package more elegant and classier. While a fresh flower bouquet would fade away, a Golden-plated rose would always be in front of their eyes and keep reminding them of the times they have spent with you. A Golden-dipped rose is the perfect gift for every occasion and is an endearing piece of art. The details of attention and utmost finesse put Golden roses in a must-have category for all.

    The roses are handcrafted and designed to do justice to your occasion. Buy Golden rose online India on City Flowers and get doorsteps delivery all over the world. Choose from an array of flexible delivery options to reach out to your loved ones without having to go overboard with your budget. Don’t forget to avail special discounts and promo codes that make your purchase even more pocket-friendly.