Each petal is a different stroke - Wonderful Flower Guide

Each petal is a different stroke

Riveting Red

As cliché as it may be, red signifies passion and love. Scientifically speaking, red has the power to stimulate the nerves in our brain, and increase our heart rate. It can give us that rush of adrenaline, which is basically an increase in our blood pressure as a reaction to seeing red.

Either which way, from anniversaries to Valentine’s Day, there’s no way that you can go wrong with red when you’re sending flowers to your loved ones.

Peppy Purple

Purple signifies falling in love at first sight. Even if it’s not necessarily love, sometimes it’s just that connection that you feel as though you’ve found that perfect friend who understands. Everyone feels that connection from time to time, and it’s hard to decide what message to send without being too intense.

It’s the perfect colour to send that important new friend to show them just how special they are without potentially scaring them off. You have lots of options when it comes to purple from anemones, which symbolize “anticipation” to hydrangeas, which are symbolic of “gratitude for being understood.”

All in all, purple is the safe choice and the right choice when you’re either unsure of your feelings or can’t quite decide which one colour is the right fit for you!

Orange with“Oomph”:

Orange flowers are commonly used to signal desire. Have a little crush that you’d like to get to know better? Do want to let someone know that you’re attracted to them without scaring them off with the notions of a long term commitment? Then orange is the colour that you’ve been looking for.

Ink Me Pink

Pink carnations are the most popular choice, symbolizing “pride and beauty,” though a lot of people also like to send asters, indicating “patience.” Alstroemeria, known as the flower of friendship, signifies “wealth, prosperity and fortune,” perfect for business clients and colleagues.

Lightly White

White flowers are classy flowers. While indicating reverence and humility, they also project an air of standard. If you ever need to send flowers to your boss or someone you consider a distant friend, then this color is exactly what you’re looking for! Most people tend to choose white roses, but calla lilies conveying “magnificence and beauty,” are normally the flowers chosen for wedding bouquets. Daises and gardenias, both symbolizing “purity and innocence,” are ideal if you’re sending flowers for a baby shower or celebrating the birth of a new born child.