Things you need to know about flowers

Things you need to know about flowersflower guide

People think of flowers in times of celebration as well as sorrow. Flowers can be found at weddings, birthday parties, farewell parties, funerals, etc. Flowers are given to lovers, parents, grandparents, teachers, children, friends, bosses... Has anyone ever stopped to ask why are flowers globally sought after? Why do they seem so irreplaceable? Flowers, without doubt, form a great part of our life. People cannot just do without them. Let’s find out why.

Flowers - a flashback

Flowers have had a special place since antiquity. There are evidences of Egyptian wall paintings depicting flowers like Lotus. Ancient Romans have done paintings of flowers, about flowerstrees and gardens. The Gothic era saw symbolic uses of flowers in paintings which represented important people of the time. The age of Renaissance linked flowers and Christianity. The Dutch and the French in the 17th and the 18th centuries brought out the beauty of the flowers vastly. Besides paintings, myths and stories too have flowers as a prime factor.

This is how it’s learnt that the flowers had and still have a universal appeal all over the world.

Gifting flowers – a flashback

The history of gifting flowers happens to be still being written. Archeologists have found remnants of flower petals on graveyards. The practice dates back to even pre-historic times. The act of giving flowers is seen in the Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Chinese, the Romans and the Greeks had done it too. However, solid evidences can be found from the Middle Ages. Flower exchange happened mostly among lovers or betroths. Unlike modern times, the Church had banned public displays of affection and gifting flowers was a way lovers found to express themselves emotionally. This continues to the present times.

Effects of flowers

Nobody receives flowers with a grudge. It puts a smile on the face. It lights up a person. It cheers one up. Scientific studies and researches constantly show that flowers have matchless positive effects on human beings.

The effect flowers cause is immediate. The smile is spontaneous. The release of oxytocin, hence, is spontaneous. The feel-good that follows is spontaneous. Hence, flowers are great messengers to improve intimacies. It helps two people bond well.

Gifting flowers do ice breaking. It is the best way to express apologies. It improves contacts and makes relationships better. Flowers are nice to look at and it is difficult to growl at a person holding them.

Flowers help people who worry a lot and are easily depressed and anxious. The change in them after they receive the flowers is remarkable. Flowers can make them joyous and deeply satisfied.

Some houses are more welcoming than others. They have an expert – the well arranged fresh flowers. It is a rewarding sight. It also depicts that your home is a sweet place to be and a place to share with and to enjoy.

Significance of proper arrangement

Different types of floral arrangement portray different emotions. The type and colors of flowers have wider significance.

Let’s start with the romantic look. The colors appropriate for a romantic look are light and pale ones. Think about pink roses, lavender roses, pink Bouvardia, Rose tulips, added about flowerswith a bit of asparagus and lilacs. This blend of warm and cool colors can create intimacy as well as nostalgia. The word romantic does not mean it is only for your better half. This is ideal for gifting to all important women including mothers, sisters, friends, etc.

If it is for a sensuous look, something bolder and louder is required. Orange and red roses, Asiatic lilies, an orbiting lily, etc. when arranged together create a set for ultimate passion. This luxurious arrangement is ideal for special evenings and dinners.

Light greens and misty blues are ideal when the message is to provide relaxation. This color combination gives the best cure for stressed people or those who are ill.

And the craziest of it all is the vegetative arrangement which has contrasting colors in it. It looks like a miniature garden in itself. These are ideal for birthdays, promotions, etc. and keep the recipient in a high spirited mood.

Then there are the tranquil arrangements like the wedding bouquets that come in white, peach and baby pink colors. Thus, it is somewhat important to choose the right arrangement so as to convey the right message.

Etiquettes in Gifting Flowers

Understand that when flowers are gifted, the message says some of the following – I love you, I am sorry, Get well soon, Thank you, etc. Choose the right flowers. Flowers have meanings. So do colors too. And importantly, learn the culture. The colors ideal for a wedding in one place may be the ones used at funerals in another. Use the correct number. Some people find certain numbers inappropriate. The wrong numbers will only ruin their day. Flowers may be gifted wrapped or unwrapped. Flowers can be in vases too.

With the ever increasing number of florists online and offline, it has become very easy to buy the right flowers to make every day brighter and happier.