February 08, 2019: Propose Day - Give Your Love A Chance

Give Your Love A Chance

We all know the feeling of butterflies in stomach when it comes down to unfold your secret feelings. We all had a secret love once in our living. But our vocal cords feel weak at their knees when responsibility rested on them. We take hours and hours to pen down a perfect note for our loved one, who does not know about our feeling till now. We revise those noted hundred times to make it an absolute winner of hearts. But this is not at all a task to accomplish when you face your beautiful loved one. The words muddle in your head, the voiced dropped at the bottom and refuse to come out. Yes, encouragement is very much needed in this situation. But feelings don’t rest, do they? They try every possible way to come out of you.

If you are told that you are given a distinct day to surrender your love emotions to your darling, emotions will ooze out of your heart. Is not it? Yes February 8th is acknowledged as Propose day. Propose Day comes second after Rose Day in Valentine’s week.  On this day people pour out the bottles of emotion to their loved ones.

A step ahead-

From 7th February the Valentine’s week evolves, when you secretly love someone, this is the best time to open the doors of your core. In this seven days starting from 7th give you a golden opportunity to take the courageous step and tell your love about deep passionate sentiments. First, you can initiate your mission love by giving your love a rose, if you are way to courageous enough offering him or her red one. But if you think she or he runs away to see the red color, hand over a yellow or pink one. As yellow one represents the notion of friendship and pink one indicates the meaning of happiness and joy. This will comfort their feelings. And after Rose Day, here comes the examination day, where you will test your emotions by telling the special one that it is irresistible to stay away from him or her.

If you are already swimming in love with your partner, a long time has gone to know each other. If you think this is the time to take steps ahead by holding your partner’s hands, propose to your love for marriage, the purest bonds on earth. Let your loved one decide if she he entrusts to tie a knot with you.

Paths lead to the destination-

There are several ways to throw a proposal to someone, but it has to be perfect. The perfect moment, the person will nourish throughout his or her love life. So you have to focus on your brain nerves to come up with a better possible idea.

You can braise yourself by sending a love note, pour your heart out in writing, you don’t have to be writer to compose something lovely but let your heart lead the way. If your sensations are pure enough, it will make a wave.

If you are excited about writing, you can simply buy a card pen down your feelings. The three words, “I love you” always do wonder.

If you think that your ‘Special’ deserves more than that, then you can lighten your pocket and buy a gift, which will excite your romance.

If you are the lover of the idea love, set a table light some candle and cook a toothsome meal for your sweetheart. Okay, you are not that patient you swipe the idea with taking your love to a diner and enjoy a candle light dinner. And when food already won the half heart you give your whole heart to him or her.

If you are not struggling with your gut problem, if can go by the ancient rules. Get down on knees and propose to your dear one.

Seven flowers in love garland-

Here are seven days, which celebrated as the Valentine’s week, the week of love in which separate days are dedicated to separate values.

February 07, 2019: Rose Day

February 08, 2019: Propose Day

February 09, 2019: Chocolate Day

February 10, 2019: Teddy Day

February 11, 2019: Promise Day

February 12, 2019: Kiss Day

February 13, 2019: Hug Day

February 14, 2019: Valentine’s Day

So let’s give your heart a chance to share its covered feelings, the feelings which swelling at the heart’s bottom for a long time. Take your chance. Give yourself a go and see what fate brings to you. So leave a note in a front door, saying, “Life brings happiness to me, but I was never able to taste them, because they are foul and tasteless without your presence with me. I love you. I always did, and will always do.”

Happy Propose Day.