Kiss Day, Significance Of Kiss Day

Significance Of Kiss Day

kiss day indiaOn the Valentine’s week 12 February is celebrated as the Kiss Day by the people in love all over the world. It is a funny day to us maximum people love to celebrate this day with very gloriously because kiss is the silent language of the heart also it conveys our innermost feelings to our beloved. So get a romance with your sweetheart with the eternal language of love.

What is a Kiss?

A kiss is the pressing of one's lips against another person or an object. The cultural connotations of kissing vary widely. Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can express sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, peace and good luck, among many others. In some situations a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect, or sacrament. The word came from Old English cyssan (“to kiss”), in turn from coss (“a kiss”).

History of Kiss Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to explore why humans kiss and how was this whole concept of kissing to show love and tenderness start.   From a strictly reproductive standpoint, kisses are certainly not required.

A theory says that a kiss is from the caveman age. It is thought that in primitive time a mother pre-chewed the food for her baby and transferred it 'in a kiss'. The kiss becomes a sign of affection and caring between mother and child and later between adults.

There's another theory originated from the sacred religious act. There have been examples from around the world as early as 2000 BC that show that people could have brought their faces together to symbolize spiritual union. Even in the culture of Indians, it was believed that the exhaled breath was part of the soul, and by two people bringing their mouths together, showed the joining of their souls... Even in India’s Vedic Sanskrit texts, we do find references to “drinking moisture of the lips.” In the third century A.D., the Vatsyayana Kamasutra comprised an entire chapter lavishly describing ways of kissing a lover. In the 6th century in France, dancing was one way to display affection, but every dance was ended in a kiss. Seemingly, Russia was the first to integrate the kiss into the marriage ceremony, where a promise was sealed with a kiss. The Romans kissed to greet each other and as the Roman Empire conquered the world the concept of kissing to show affection spread all over the globe.

The Reason of Celebrating the Kiss Day

A tender kiss is a best way to express what cannot be said in words. A gentle kiss is an intimate expression of love…when you kiss your partner for the first time; it’s a different feeling altogether. You enter a dreamy world of happiness and innocence where everything seems to be just perfect. A tender kiss on the forehead of a girl means she means the world to the man and can definitely initiate a love filled relationship you always wanted. This is one day in the valentine’s week when you can express your emotions in a tender, comforting and love-filled way. And when you make this day special and   celebrate it with cards and flowers and cakes to make it all the more memorable and exceptional this  day remains treasured for the rest of your lives as part of the moments you want to cherish forever. When celebrated well this turns into a day that you can always lovingly reminisce and remember.

Send symbolic Kiss

One more thing if you are far away or for any reason cannot meet the person you love on this special day don’t worry you can always send that person a lovely gift or flowers that can be delivered right to that specials person doorstep, and seal it with a kiss or with a “XoXo”. Most people know XO as a sign-off representing love, affection, or friendship on letters, cards, emails, chat rooms and text messages. No one is sure how the sign XOXO ultimately came to mean “hugs and kisses”. But at least we know the “X’s” meaning “kisses” preceded “O’s” as “hugs”.

On this Kiss day remember that Kisses cost nothing but they are sensitive expressions carrying warmth, which everyone loves to feel. Be it your girlfriend, friends, sister, mother, family, babies...everyone! Kissing Day aims to make us appreciate a kiss in its own right.   No conventions, no social norms, just a kiss.  Across the globe everyone can just be happy for this one day and throw away the conventions and just love one another without any fear.

So go ahead and enjoy this Kiss day with love, affection and tenderness. Shower the ones you love with all the joy you can and make the day most memorable and remarkable.