April Season Flowers - Indian Blooms

April Season Flowers Blooming in Garden

April brings quite a difficult time for the gardeners and flower enthusiasts. This is a month of heat and humidity. The temperature goes up and brings solace in the form of rains. However, only a few flowers can tolerate the unpredictability of the weather, which brings us to April flowers in India! If you want to know more about other months and their flowers in India, read them about here.

daffodils in april season

Daffodil - Flower in April Season

The plant grows as a perennial spring plant. The trumpet-shaped corona gives these yellow and white flowers a distinctive appearance. Originally from Southern Europe and North Africa, it is now naturalised in almost every part of the world. It is also the national flower of Wales and is also the symbol of charities that work for the awareness of cancer. Besides the aesthetical value, the Daffodil flower has been used extensively for its medicinal properties, especially for the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

daffodil flowers in April

Some Growing Flowers of a Sunny Day in April

Magnolia Flower is April Favourite

In the world of flowers, magnolia represents the elegance, purity and feminine gentleness. Over 200 species of magnolia flowers are known, however, only a few you could see blooming in all their glory. The flowers grow on magnolia trees and have a sweet fragrance. Available in a range of colours, the flowers can’t grow without the help of their main pollinator, beetle. The tree is a hardy and can withstand the care or neglect with the same ease. The tree can go on living for more than a century.


These beautiful and bright flowers are infamous for their toxicity. These slow-growing flowers prefer shade and usually grow under the shade of big trees in the garden. Owing to their brightness and outstanding foliage, they are also known as ‘the royalty of the garden.’ Azaleas grow in bright pink, pink-red and white colour. They are available in almost every shape and size imaginable!


Spirea bushes are a favourite of professional and novice flower enthusiasts alike. Spirea grows as a deciduous shrub and brings about breathtaking beauty to your garden. On the basis of their growth pattern, the shrub can be divided into two categories: summer and spring blooming. It is a hardy plant and grows quickly. It doesn’t demand much care and can withstand hot weather of April as well as unexpected rains. The flowers grow in red, pink or white flowers in large clusters atop of the branches in a cascading arrangement.